Saturday, April 4

My Nightmare

Sometimes i think i had some supernatural power. My special ability is being able to remember whatever i dream of.

However, this ability subsided after i graduated, probably because i sleep less now compared to last time, therefore chances of dreams occuring would be less. When i was staying in TBR, i almost had dreams everyday, regardless its night or day sleep. The good side of this ability though, is that none of those dreams come true..HAHA.. which is a good thing.

For instance, one day i dreamt that i was on the ship to Orbis.. and Crimson balrog came to attack.(a scene from Maple STory). Gamewise, i would have easily defeated the Crimson Balrog, However in my dream, me and wern was in the ship, and she didnt managed to enter the cabin. How we survived is a mystery =x..

Then yesterday, i dreamt that i was in a lavish place, i saw my old coursemates, Yen Nee, Wei Ruen, Wei Seong, Ange, and Wern's friend Idayu. Surely you'll be happy to see them, but they all seemed to be avoiding you. Then i met Wai Wai, Wai Leng, Pui See, only them seems to be talking to me. Then WaiLeng wanted to go home, so Jian accompany her home and ask me to wait there until he returns. I waited..

and waited..with hungry stomach


Idayu came to me and say " I wonder why kambing is here", and was very sure that she was refering me as kambing. I angry and looked around. The whole place is filled with Rich, RICH , SUper Duper Rich people, and i'm only wearing a short pants, with a bagpack.


I was so humiliated so i walked to Wai Leng's house to find Jian. I reached WaiLengs house feeling tired and sad, and then i saw her playing computer. Then i saw Jian flirting with his NS friend. WAH...Immediately angry lor.. He ady forget he leave me at that place. I throw the bag at him then walk out..

Walk Walk Walk..

walk... i saw a temple with a big pond in the middle. I walked in...then i walked 3 rounds around the temple. then i saw jian again. WAh. I geram i go box him!!! I slap him slap him..But he din slap me back. I slap him so many times coz i so geram. My head so pain that i wanna find wall to bang and smash it.

Then i wanted to run away.. when...

Wern's alarm rang..

Wooo.. finally awaken! what a tired dream. Hope it doesnt come true. But Jian always forget i hungry de!


TianChad田七 said...

Haha, maybe this is a dream about your losing bet to clean the house? ;p

大頭 said...

wow! my jie got super power wor!!

marccus said...

dun play maple so much liao lar.
how come this dream so many thing also de? hahaha XD