Wednesday, April 22

My 1st Training For SMS Texture Analyzer

*Munch Munch*

Having Chocolate Apple Donut from Big Apple as breakfast... Yummy..Delicious!!!

(Thanks Desmond for bringing the donuts~!)

Remember last week, i did not attend the Biotech Gathering organized by Chia Hur?

Well, was busy preparing for the training which i had to conduct on Friday morning.

Texture Analyzer with Dough Inflation unit

Yupzz.. This is the Texture Analyzer i'm working on. Basically used for quality control on food products. It tests the texture of food, in terms of compression and tension-Something like mimics human eating mechanism in the mouth.

My first training is in UPM~Fakulti Sains Makanan. They bought a unit of Texture Analyzer, 2nd generation ones, called TA-XT2i, about 20 years or more. We did an upgrading job for them. Now their main unit is called TA-XT2i but with TA.XTplus functions.

I contributed to the upgrading in February. It was tough, will all the circuit board and the screws..(I'm pretty bad using screwdrivers). Used to bully Kopi-O-King to do all the mechanical stuff, now that he's gone..Nobody for me to bully ady~

Tracy, Me and Honey? Nono.. is Hoda XD

Well, this is the small lab in Food Science of UPM. The person I trained will be Hoda.

When i first arrived, he was punctual, and he showed us how he used the Texture Analyzer. I was stunned. I though he will be giving us training instead!

Then Mr. Nazizul, the lab officer came and we commence our training. I introduced the hardware, then the parts, then the software. Unexpectedly, my students are smart. (hey, the equipment is in their lab as old as me ok)..hahas. they know how to on and off it. Hoda is a PhD student from Iran. He speaks very good English, and had won many Invention Competition Internationally. It's an honor to know him. He's working on a project on bananas for his PhD.

Perhaps i was moving like the bullet train. The training ends at 11.30 am..OMG 1hr 30mins sharp. Very embarassing!

I did not mention in details about things in the software, did not explain the terms, and forgotten how to do MACRO. LOL! Luckily for me, Lee Hung doesnt have a regulation of writing reports and cc to this and that. I realised my weakness, and will work on it in future.

Okay, im off to learn to make a bread dough!
Will post more if i have the time later~
See ya


Blur Pei said...

hi Nicole! knowing that u don know is me who comment ur blog eh. hahaha, I think marccus had told u ald.

what r u doing lately?? (sorry, quite outdated) :P

Add oil for whatever u r doin!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

hi Joanne,

Im the katak bawah tempurung la. Coz i also din contact other friends..


im doing a lot of things, u will notice that im inconsistent in blogging =x