Monday, April 20

Lost for Words

Dear all,

Life is so harsh..When everything starts to turn from sour to sweet, and when the long yearning sweetness is at the tips of the tongue, then everything starts to become bitter that you can no longer swallow it anymore.

Who says life is like a box of chocolates? I would agree that life is a bed of roses, which spiky thorns to tear your flesh apart! Yet, the smell of roses on your bed is sweet, but once the flower wilt, what's left will be the rotten flowerish smell, that will make you sneeze non stop.

Well, all that happened around me could be a reminder to myself. Yes, relationship may be sweet or bitter. Sometimes, you just cannot blame your lover for making life so miserable. It's time to be realistic. Without money, what is love? Without love, what is money?

Life is all about balance. You work, you play! You give then you take (or vice versa). I totally disagree with people arguing, slamming things, torturing (or so called playing SM). I totally disgusted with what happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna (but who am i to say?). I'm annoyed at people who would harm someone they love. Why? Why make love into something so terrible?

I'm not a good lover, or a good friend, or a good sister, a good daugther, a good employee-this is the fact that i realised. I cant satisfy everyone!!! I wanted to attend gatherings, parties, shopping spree, and pamper myself. But in the end, all i gave was broken promises.

It's sad really. It feels great to have a bunch of friends, a sister, and a boyfriend that supports me behind my back. A workplace that is stressfree with good colleagues. I'm really blessed.

For those who have not found their significant other, feel blessed that you are free from extra troubles, and free to do whatever you want.

For those who have their significant other, feel blessed that you have someone to share with, and appreciate your love.

For those like me, feel blessed that there are people reading your blog =)

Deepest Love,


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cklim said...

haha, good post ar? if i want to hv significant other and at the same time feel blessed that i'm free from extra troubles, and free to do whatever i want. :-p..find one for me..pls