Monday, April 20

Laziness Is Not An Option

Today is 20th!!!

OMG.. i forgotten to pay my Chang Ming Thien loan of RM200.00. How How?

Ah..Best solution!

Logon to PBE, then fund transfer.

Upon Confirmation.. I saw

Interbank charges: RM2.00


Clicked cancel

*pathetic hor*

Eh brother and sisters,

Public bank is just the corner, Alliance Bank is two rows in front of Public Bank.

If drive go and withdraw money also, no need RM2.00 gua..

So, i found my PEDOMAN HIDUP:-

You can be lazy if you are rich, But if you are poor, laziness is not an option.


If you want to lazy, Can!! Wait till you rich first!

Hahahaa...hidup ini memang bermakna (Life is so meaningful)

Deepest Love,

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