Monday, April 20

Is GOD Playing A Fool With Me???

COntinuation from yesterday's earlier post...

At 6.00pm, i nearly made my colleague cry. I didnt mean to hurt her, was only for her own good. One thing, being too innocent and naive is a disadvantage in the society. Second thing, i feel it is better for me to scold her because my beloved PM (Marccus' give this name one) is going to scold her. So, im practically saving her by being a bad gal.

I locked the office doors, and left for my car..The sun was so glaring...HOT HOT!!!! I'm melting~~~~~~~

Went to public bank.. then go Alliance bank..Sekali went in..Cash Deposit Machine is out of order!!! Die lor..

Need use PBE to pay lor...RM2.00 kena pay lor???

Sad Love,
Nicole <3

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