Tuesday, April 21

God Has Spent A Little More Time On Me~

Did you see it? Did you see what i see?

Yeah.. The Hennesy Artistry Party, featuring Starz Angels, Caprice, and VJ Spacebar!!

Adding to the lists will be Tian Chad and Nicole!!!

Yeah, we participated in posting comments on Nuffnang, and we got a pair of passes to this party!!!

Was really excited and speechless, i've never got anything from internet before!!! My fantasy's coming true!

The problem is, Michelle has asked me to participate in the crystal water talk in PGRM, Cheras, at the same day! It's a talk where the Japanese Monk will show us what good attitide means to our life. From what i heard, its where, when a person praises water, no matter how dirty the water is, it will slowly clear up. On the other hand, when a person curses water, no matter how clear the water is, it will turn murky. Fascinating isn't it?

This is a BIG BIG PROBLEM.. I really wanna break down and cry. Why is everything going up side down. Which event should i go?
So i list down the Pros and Cons:
If i go Henessy Artistry
  1. I will be very happy. This is what i want.
  2. I will have fun meeting up new people.
  3. I will be able to release my daily stress
  4. It will be one hell of an experience
  5. I can blog about it.
  6. I will feel guilty, because Jian and Wern will be in the Crystal Water talk
  7. I duno who to bring with me
  8. I will die of guilt towards Michelle and June
  9. I duno how to go to Asian Heritage, but can carpool with Tian Chad.
  10. I want to bring Jian go...But Jian commitment is higher. and Wern will scold me.

If i go Crystal Water Talk

  1. I will be fascinated
  2. I will feel so sad deep inside, coz i missed this opportunity
  3. I will feel guilty towards other bloggers who had not have this passes
  4. I can blog about it
  5. It will be one hell of an experience
  6. June and Michelle wont be disappointed
  7. I duno how to go to PGRM, but can carpool with Jian.

If you asked me, yes, i made my decision, but how to open mouth? How to not bring Jian go? He will angry at me!!! What bout Wern? What bout Michelle and June???

Sometimes, being dead is better than alive. I dont have a life that belongs to me myself.

Or Both also dont go, and put myself in exile in a faraway place.
Can anyone help me!!!!!
Deepest Sorrow,


Blur Pei said...

hm...if u feel sorry for ur friends, go for it. and give the tickets to others??

If u feel sorry for urself, go for it. is an opportunity for rewarding urself. explain to them if they understand, mayb treat them the next meet up.

don go for both...wont make things better either...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Yeah Joanne,

Thanks for the advice. I practically made up my mind to go for both.

The talk starts at 7 to 9pm
The Henessy Artistry starts at 9 onwards.

Just have to miss the media press conference.


Si Adik Baik said...

i did not scold u pun -.-

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Si Adik Baik,

Coz u also same, as tempting as me. U wan me to bring you rite?