Tuesday, April 21

Criminals are too Evil

This is a sad story, which happened to a friend of a friend of mine. A4Apple (aquila world), Pro DK, also is Electrical and Electronic Student of UTAR.

God bless her recovery.

The news is as follows. As im unable to read chinese, i use the aid of Google Translater. It's sounds funny though, so dont laugh as it is a sad story...


2009-04-18 10:51

Translation Chinese>> English

Steal mobile phones fail巴冷reentrant wave ‧

robbers cut knife gap girls Domestic 2009-04-18 10:51 (Kuala Lumpur) Raman School students near the Garden and targets for robbers, Friday (April 17) morning by a gap of girls fail grab the phone cut knife gangs! At that time, she and a male classmate with four electric single ethnic witch车匪cell phone while she was talking about when an attempt to plunder her cell phone, but failed. Unexpectedly, they return back with a knife attack巴冷her, cut her head, shoulder and left hand, there is no danger. Some artists are very noble men and temperament, they are who? While under the knife by male students, submit to hand over property, including mobile phone and 200 ringgit in cash, and not harm. This robbery and assault case was about 9:00 am Friday, occurred in large red text Gardens port. 吴慧卿victims (23 years old, from Penang) is the Raman and the Department of Electrical Engineering University students;张胜平robbed male students (24 years) after the vote is reported to the police. Miss Wu said the respondents, she胜平Friday morning near his home on foot to the packaged tea room after breakfast to prepare their way to school, had found four suspicious man witch, they were by two motorcycles. Bandits robbed a cell phone plan did not succeed She said that when she answered a phone call, the other took the opportunity to action after a gang attempted to snatch her from the hands of mobile phones, but to no avail. "Never thought they could make a U-turn back, and I巴冷knife attacks." She said that in the side of the knife gangs in胜平to胁下, so good to have cell phones and purses surrendered after the robbers succeeded to escape by motorcycle. Her classmates after being sent to a hospital in the vicinity of healing, wound a number of sewing needles in stable condition. In addition,张胜平said that he often heard her friends being robbed, but did not expect that their turn will come back and seen the face of rampant criminals. He pointed out that criminals have become increasingly rampant, not only in the night action, now in broad daylight robbery with wounding. He called the police attention to this area of law and order problem, in order to protect the residents and the safety of students. On the other hand, both the District Director, Mr Richard, Assistant Director, subject to consultation Scalia said that the police has been very concerned about the security problems of this region, and has increased the number of police officers and patrol. He said police also arrested a number of suspects prior to the investigation and handling. ‧ Sin Chew Daily reported: Chen Shui-ying ‧ 2009.04.18

2009-04-18 18:19

Translation Chinese>> English

Finished in May graduated from the last robbery, the gap girls ‧

discharged Domestic 2009-04-18 18:19 (Kuala Lumpur) Friday (April 17) was robbed on her way to school head chopped Raman female college student, after has been discharged from hospital after treatment, but she still feel lingering fear, and occasionally still reminds me of the terrible situation at the time. 吴慧卿victims (23 years) Saturdays from 13:00 Huajia Road, left the private hospital, told reporters that she is graduates, only three test subjects expected to finished in May last subject will be able to graduate the.

5 farewell single solution, Come and learn from it! "Before being robbed, I was with another张胜平students to schools and the other two students presented a report of the Panel, but in my张胜平are being robbed and wounded, had no choice but to reflect the robbery of a lecturer, so that the remaining two students presented the report of the Panel. " Worry about them will affect the pro forma She said that she was robbed, the people gathered to one side there are four culprits down by two motorcycle driving license plates. She said that next week is exam week to prepare, and she did not know whether the injury would affect her concentration Notes.

For some reasons, she declined to press to take photographs. In addition,吴慧卿daughter's mother was informed that the robbery Friday afternoon aboard the bus that went to Kuala Lumpur from Penang to visit his daughter. Sin Chew Daily ‧ 2009.04.18

God bless and hope she is able to sit for her exams. She's graduating soon. Hope our prayers are with her.


cklim said...

really annoying, hope she is alright

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yeah... Thanks for your concern.

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i never heard it b4 leh

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oi ya, ur translated and un-translated very blur lar @.@

next time bring parang when go tapao..