Monday, April 27

The Origins of Swine Fever

*No animals are harmed during the making of this post*

Keep your body clean and healthy from diseases!

Thurday's Fantasy-Henessy Artistry

*Drumssssss Roll*


Nah Nah..Guess what this is??

It's the invitation passes..Sorta VIP invitation to Henessy Artistry!!! Really have to thank nuffnang for these free passes..

This is how it looks like inside the card..

With these passes..What else are can you imagine???
Let's Partayyyyy~~~

Well, thats not me. Haha. I pray a million years also wont have such body..hahaha.. I pray a zillion years also wont have such pretty sexy face..

On Thursday, i did not make it to the media press conference. I really really wished i can be there though. Heard that Starz Angels are cool and kickin'. It would be one of the things i'd regret for not doing even until my deathbed.

With Mr.Luck by my side, yes, i rushed from PGRM (the Ginguan Spirit Thingy) to Upstairs@The Loft at Heritage Row. Using GPS, the distance is 6.1km only. With super duper driver...i mean, super scary driver (I believe friends will agree with me on this) Jian sped to the Loft, and we made our entrance.

The Entrance was great!!! (please wait till TianChad update his blog) I did not manage to snap the entrance because was rushing for the show!!! kekeke..It was decorated with sexy babes, cool hunks, and lights..

I even saw the bloody red stairs that TianChad fell..kekeke..

Inside was dark, filled with people, and I panicked because couldnt find TianChad.

Then suddenly...All went a little quiet..and OMG OMFG...Caprice came out!! My fear, panic and whatsoever feeling were drowned by his presence.

As i was looking at Caprice, i saw Tian Chad and Yeng Yeng.. We rushed up to them..and can see Caprice singing more clearly. He's cool, a good entertainer, nice..okok..i like him!!! He keeps eye contact with his audience...and yeah..he knows his stuff!!!

I had to admit that these photos arent mine. TianChad forgotten to bring his memory card, while my battery gone haywire. So i gave him my memory card. Hope he doesnt sue me for publishing his photos.

As he sings, he drags few people up to the stage, and yooo hoooohh...heeehh hahhhehhh..

There you go!!! Sarita Chan was up on stage ^^ I wanted to tag along, but my mind still conscious!!My body's saying lets go..but my hearts saying no!
Maybe i need a cup of Henessy or two to give me some boost =)

Then we were entertained with of a malay song. This guy has a sweet voice. Gosh, i shoul've write his name on my palm coz i forgotten his name!!

HoHOHo..Then there is the mouth whopping..beat boxing guy..whom we all dont know his name. He introduced us with his mouth and we were like drunk although we havent drink a drop.

Then the Starz Angels came with the Superman Theme SOng. In 30seconds, I've already fallen in love with them... Drowned in the world of fantasy, i do not know what else to write..

That explains the flirty and *hiao* look i had when i took pictures with Caprice! I hadnt had any guts to snap photo with him. He's always surrounded by chicks, gosh..inferiority complex im suffering!!!

Then Tian Chad persuades me to do it. Yesh i did it!!! But with a hiao look~! and Sweaty too~!

*Deepest condolence and sorry to Jian for leaving you behind when i took picture with Caprice. I know you are a bigger fan of Caprice than I am, so sorry!!!

Thats me and Sarita, I'm all stiffed up! Cant move a muscle ya'know.

We left at sharp coz had to work a few hours later.

From the event, We had:
  • GReAt fun!! GOoD music! CooL people..OMG, you just dont wanna go home!
  • Amazing fantasies were fulfilled with all the rocking people and bloggers out there

I realised:

  • Blogging is not only fun, but you get to meet new friends and celebrities.
  • I had to take good care of my tummy, and prepare myself for future parties
  • I had to flex more muscle, then i'd be able to dance!
  • I need to get a better camera!!!
  • When you go for party with free flow of drinks, get your drink first otherwise no drinks available. You have to dance with your tongue wagging due to thirst.

Thanks nuffnang for inviting me to the party. Love ya most!

Thank Tianchad for taking photographs, your wife, Ms. Lumix Panasonic rocks!!!


Friday, April 24

Thursday's Torment-Ginguan Spirit Mind Mentalism Talk

Ginguan Spirit Mind is about:

Consciousness-only view of the soul net scientific institutions, as its name implies, is the one from the Consciousness-only school and science (quantum physics) study the thinking of the institutions of the human soul. Malaysia, a net view of Consciousness-only scientific research institutions have a soul more than a dozen centers around the state in all of Malaysia and Singapore, you are viewing is one of eight District Center page.

Malaysia, a net view of Consciousness-only scientific research institutions of all heart centers are always the same idea and purpose:

1) To promote and develop communication skills and deep-Consciousness-only to wake up as the goal of the human soul.

2) To provide a "spiritual home" for all communication on the Consciousness-only courses deep.

3) Consciousness-only deep soul of communication services to the public.

(Note: Text above are copied desparately from translated website. Even I myself do not 100% understand whats its trying to say. Apology to all.)

Yesterday, i went for a talk called:

Awaken Your Inner Strength to Change Our World By Visionary Japanese Researcher Dr Masaru Emoto

Waiting for Edwin...There is practically no parking around PGRM. As we waited, we were attacked by hordes of Zombies, erm, sorry, i mean...people who came all the way for this talk.

*a gang of aunties burst in the main door*

One of the Aunty: Hey.. lei dei mai fei ge ah?
Nicole: huh?
Jian: Tang yan
Aunty: Mai ticket hiong pin ah? Lei dei mou mai ticket meh?
Nicole: Huhhhh?
Jian: Ngo dei tang yan jek.
Aunty 2: Sei Lau Sei Lau...

* Long time this baby face didnt appear le*

Ah... I look like ticket seller T_T
When we entered the hall...It was 98% filled with people.

The talk by Mr Emoto revolves on water as the most important component in life. Life revolves around vibration, and every object, including humans, living things and non living things emit a sound/vibration/music. Therefore the words we use carries impact. Everybody in this universe exist for a reason; and we must find our reason and function according to our reason for living in order to sublimate(go to another phase of world).

I find it interesting with this concepts. You know, i'm not a keen or avid believer of things. It also amazes me to hear what others think about life.

Infact, he showed us a video of water crystal formation. A vial of water was placed between two speakers (same distance) and a classical music was played. (he used, Madama Butterfly in his experiment).

I havent learn how to upload videos. I did record the whole thing. Its very beautiful =)

Till then. Wait up for my Thursday's Fantasy which is coming Soon!!

Wednesday, April 22

OMG!!! Is This True?

I've came across this website:

You guys go read it. It's another sad thing that happened.

The Might Of the Pen

It's the allegation of domestic violence that happened in Malaysia.

Nothing we can do. Nothing we can say. Life is a twisted fate.

God bless.


My 1st Training For SMS Texture Analyzer

*Munch Munch*

Having Chocolate Apple Donut from Big Apple as breakfast... Yummy..Delicious!!!

(Thanks Desmond for bringing the donuts~!)

Remember last week, i did not attend the Biotech Gathering organized by Chia Hur?

Well, was busy preparing for the training which i had to conduct on Friday morning.

Texture Analyzer with Dough Inflation unit

Yupzz.. This is the Texture Analyzer i'm working on. Basically used for quality control on food products. It tests the texture of food, in terms of compression and tension-Something like mimics human eating mechanism in the mouth.

My first training is in UPM~Fakulti Sains Makanan. They bought a unit of Texture Analyzer, 2nd generation ones, called TA-XT2i, about 20 years or more. We did an upgrading job for them. Now their main unit is called TA-XT2i but with TA.XTplus functions.

I contributed to the upgrading in February. It was tough, will all the circuit board and the screws..(I'm pretty bad using screwdrivers). Used to bully Kopi-O-King to do all the mechanical stuff, now that he's gone..Nobody for me to bully ady~

Tracy, Me and Honey? Nono.. is Hoda XD

Well, this is the small lab in Food Science of UPM. The person I trained will be Hoda.

When i first arrived, he was punctual, and he showed us how he used the Texture Analyzer. I was stunned. I though he will be giving us training instead!

Then Mr. Nazizul, the lab officer came and we commence our training. I introduced the hardware, then the parts, then the software. Unexpectedly, my students are smart. (hey, the equipment is in their lab as old as me ok)..hahas. they know how to on and off it. Hoda is a PhD student from Iran. He speaks very good English, and had won many Invention Competition Internationally. It's an honor to know him. He's working on a project on bananas for his PhD.

Perhaps i was moving like the bullet train. The training ends at 11.30 am..OMG 1hr 30mins sharp. Very embarassing!

I did not mention in details about things in the software, did not explain the terms, and forgotten how to do MACRO. LOL! Luckily for me, Lee Hung doesnt have a regulation of writing reports and cc to this and that. I realised my weakness, and will work on it in future.

Okay, im off to learn to make a bread dough!
Will post more if i have the time later~
See ya

Tuesday, April 21

Criminals are too Evil

This is a sad story, which happened to a friend of a friend of mine. A4Apple (aquila world), Pro DK, also is Electrical and Electronic Student of UTAR.

God bless her recovery.

The news is as follows. As im unable to read chinese, i use the aid of Google Translater. It's sounds funny though, so dont laugh as it is a sad story...


2009-04-18 10:51

Translation Chinese>> English

Steal mobile phones fail巴冷reentrant wave ‧

robbers cut knife gap girls Domestic 2009-04-18 10:51 (Kuala Lumpur) Raman School students near the Garden and targets for robbers, Friday (April 17) morning by a gap of girls fail grab the phone cut knife gangs! At that time, she and a male classmate with four electric single ethnic witch车匪cell phone while she was talking about when an attempt to plunder her cell phone, but failed. Unexpectedly, they return back with a knife attack巴冷her, cut her head, shoulder and left hand, there is no danger. Some artists are very noble men and temperament, they are who? While under the knife by male students, submit to hand over property, including mobile phone and 200 ringgit in cash, and not harm. This robbery and assault case was about 9:00 am Friday, occurred in large red text Gardens port. 吴慧卿victims (23 years old, from Penang) is the Raman and the Department of Electrical Engineering University students;张胜平robbed male students (24 years) after the vote is reported to the police. Miss Wu said the respondents, she胜平Friday morning near his home on foot to the packaged tea room after breakfast to prepare their way to school, had found four suspicious man witch, they were by two motorcycles. Bandits robbed a cell phone plan did not succeed She said that when she answered a phone call, the other took the opportunity to action after a gang attempted to snatch her from the hands of mobile phones, but to no avail. "Never thought they could make a U-turn back, and I巴冷knife attacks." She said that in the side of the knife gangs in胜平to胁下, so good to have cell phones and purses surrendered after the robbers succeeded to escape by motorcycle. Her classmates after being sent to a hospital in the vicinity of healing, wound a number of sewing needles in stable condition. In addition,张胜平said that he often heard her friends being robbed, but did not expect that their turn will come back and seen the face of rampant criminals. He pointed out that criminals have become increasingly rampant, not only in the night action, now in broad daylight robbery with wounding. He called the police attention to this area of law and order problem, in order to protect the residents and the safety of students. On the other hand, both the District Director, Mr Richard, Assistant Director, subject to consultation Scalia said that the police has been very concerned about the security problems of this region, and has increased the number of police officers and patrol. He said police also arrested a number of suspects prior to the investigation and handling. ‧ Sin Chew Daily reported: Chen Shui-ying ‧ 2009.04.18

2009-04-18 18:19

Translation Chinese>> English

Finished in May graduated from the last robbery, the gap girls ‧

discharged Domestic 2009-04-18 18:19 (Kuala Lumpur) Friday (April 17) was robbed on her way to school head chopped Raman female college student, after has been discharged from hospital after treatment, but she still feel lingering fear, and occasionally still reminds me of the terrible situation at the time. 吴慧卿victims (23 years) Saturdays from 13:00 Huajia Road, left the private hospital, told reporters that she is graduates, only three test subjects expected to finished in May last subject will be able to graduate the.

5 farewell single solution, Come and learn from it! "Before being robbed, I was with another张胜平students to schools and the other two students presented a report of the Panel, but in my张胜平are being robbed and wounded, had no choice but to reflect the robbery of a lecturer, so that the remaining two students presented the report of the Panel. " Worry about them will affect the pro forma She said that she was robbed, the people gathered to one side there are four culprits down by two motorcycle driving license plates. She said that next week is exam week to prepare, and she did not know whether the injury would affect her concentration Notes.

For some reasons, she declined to press to take photographs. In addition,吴慧卿daughter's mother was informed that the robbery Friday afternoon aboard the bus that went to Kuala Lumpur from Penang to visit his daughter. Sin Chew Daily ‧ 2009.04.18

God bless and hope she is able to sit for her exams. She's graduating soon. Hope our prayers are with her.

God Has Spent A Little More Time On Me~

Did you see it? Did you see what i see?

Yeah.. The Hennesy Artistry Party, featuring Starz Angels, Caprice, and VJ Spacebar!!

Adding to the lists will be Tian Chad and Nicole!!!

Yeah, we participated in posting comments on Nuffnang, and we got a pair of passes to this party!!!

Was really excited and speechless, i've never got anything from internet before!!! My fantasy's coming true!

The problem is, Michelle has asked me to participate in the crystal water talk in PGRM, Cheras, at the same day! It's a talk where the Japanese Monk will show us what good attitide means to our life. From what i heard, its where, when a person praises water, no matter how dirty the water is, it will slowly clear up. On the other hand, when a person curses water, no matter how clear the water is, it will turn murky. Fascinating isn't it?

This is a BIG BIG PROBLEM.. I really wanna break down and cry. Why is everything going up side down. Which event should i go?
So i list down the Pros and Cons:
If i go Henessy Artistry
  1. I will be very happy. This is what i want.
  2. I will have fun meeting up new people.
  3. I will be able to release my daily stress
  4. It will be one hell of an experience
  5. I can blog about it.
  6. I will feel guilty, because Jian and Wern will be in the Crystal Water talk
  7. I duno who to bring with me
  8. I will die of guilt towards Michelle and June
  9. I duno how to go to Asian Heritage, but can carpool with Tian Chad.
  10. I want to bring Jian go...But Jian commitment is higher. and Wern will scold me.

If i go Crystal Water Talk

  1. I will be fascinated
  2. I will feel so sad deep inside, coz i missed this opportunity
  3. I will feel guilty towards other bloggers who had not have this passes
  4. I can blog about it
  5. It will be one hell of an experience
  6. June and Michelle wont be disappointed
  7. I duno how to go to PGRM, but can carpool with Jian.

If you asked me, yes, i made my decision, but how to open mouth? How to not bring Jian go? He will angry at me!!! What bout Wern? What bout Michelle and June???

Sometimes, being dead is better than alive. I dont have a life that belongs to me myself.

Or Both also dont go, and put myself in exile in a faraway place.
Can anyone help me!!!!!
Deepest Sorrow,

Monday, April 20

Is GOD Playing A Fool With Me???

COntinuation from yesterday's earlier post...

At 6.00pm, i nearly made my colleague cry. I didnt mean to hurt her, was only for her own good. One thing, being too innocent and naive is a disadvantage in the society. Second thing, i feel it is better for me to scold her because my beloved PM (Marccus' give this name one) is going to scold her. So, im practically saving her by being a bad gal.

I locked the office doors, and left for my car..The sun was so glaring...HOT HOT!!!! I'm melting~~~~~~~

Went to public bank.. then go Alliance bank..Sekali went in..Cash Deposit Machine is out of order!!! Die lor..

Need use PBE to pay lor...RM2.00 kena pay lor???

Sad Love,
Nicole <3

Laziness Is Not An Option

Today is 20th!!!

OMG.. i forgotten to pay my Chang Ming Thien loan of RM200.00. How How?

Ah..Best solution!

Logon to PBE, then fund transfer.

Upon Confirmation.. I saw

Interbank charges: RM2.00


Clicked cancel

*pathetic hor*

Eh brother and sisters,

Public bank is just the corner, Alliance Bank is two rows in front of Public Bank.

If drive go and withdraw money also, no need RM2.00 gua..

So, i found my PEDOMAN HIDUP:-

You can be lazy if you are rich, But if you are poor, laziness is not an option.


If you want to lazy, Can!! Wait till you rich first!

Hahahaa...hidup ini memang bermakna (Life is so meaningful)

Deepest Love,

Lost for Words

Dear all,

Life is so harsh..When everything starts to turn from sour to sweet, and when the long yearning sweetness is at the tips of the tongue, then everything starts to become bitter that you can no longer swallow it anymore.

Who says life is like a box of chocolates? I would agree that life is a bed of roses, which spiky thorns to tear your flesh apart! Yet, the smell of roses on your bed is sweet, but once the flower wilt, what's left will be the rotten flowerish smell, that will make you sneeze non stop.

Well, all that happened around me could be a reminder to myself. Yes, relationship may be sweet or bitter. Sometimes, you just cannot blame your lover for making life so miserable. It's time to be realistic. Without money, what is love? Without love, what is money?

Life is all about balance. You work, you play! You give then you take (or vice versa). I totally disagree with people arguing, slamming things, torturing (or so called playing SM). I totally disgusted with what happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna (but who am i to say?). I'm annoyed at people who would harm someone they love. Why? Why make love into something so terrible?

I'm not a good lover, or a good friend, or a good sister, a good daugther, a good employee-this is the fact that i realised. I cant satisfy everyone!!! I wanted to attend gatherings, parties, shopping spree, and pamper myself. But in the end, all i gave was broken promises.

It's sad really. It feels great to have a bunch of friends, a sister, and a boyfriend that supports me behind my back. A workplace that is stressfree with good colleagues. I'm really blessed.

For those who have not found their significant other, feel blessed that you are free from extra troubles, and free to do whatever you want.

For those who have their significant other, feel blessed that you have someone to share with, and appreciate your love.

For those like me, feel blessed that there are people reading your blog =)

Deepest Love,


Saturday, April 4

My Nightmare

Sometimes i think i had some supernatural power. My special ability is being able to remember whatever i dream of.

However, this ability subsided after i graduated, probably because i sleep less now compared to last time, therefore chances of dreams occuring would be less. When i was staying in TBR, i almost had dreams everyday, regardless its night or day sleep. The good side of this ability though, is that none of those dreams come true..HAHA.. which is a good thing.

For instance, one day i dreamt that i was on the ship to Orbis.. and Crimson balrog came to attack.(a scene from Maple STory). Gamewise, i would have easily defeated the Crimson Balrog, However in my dream, me and wern was in the ship, and she didnt managed to enter the cabin. How we survived is a mystery =x..

Then yesterday, i dreamt that i was in a lavish place, i saw my old coursemates, Yen Nee, Wei Ruen, Wei Seong, Ange, and Wern's friend Idayu. Surely you'll be happy to see them, but they all seemed to be avoiding you. Then i met Wai Wai, Wai Leng, Pui See, only them seems to be talking to me. Then WaiLeng wanted to go home, so Jian accompany her home and ask me to wait there until he returns. I waited..

and waited..with hungry stomach


Idayu came to me and say " I wonder why kambing is here", and was very sure that she was refering me as kambing. I angry and looked around. The whole place is filled with Rich, RICH , SUper Duper Rich people, and i'm only wearing a short pants, with a bagpack.


I was so humiliated so i walked to Wai Leng's house to find Jian. I reached WaiLengs house feeling tired and sad, and then i saw her playing computer. Then i saw Jian flirting with his NS friend. WAH...Immediately angry lor.. He ady forget he leave me at that place. I throw the bag at him then walk out..

Walk Walk Walk..

walk... i saw a temple with a big pond in the middle. I walked in...then i walked 3 rounds around the temple. then i saw jian again. WAh. I geram i go box him!!! I slap him slap him..But he din slap me back. I slap him so many times coz i so geram. My head so pain that i wanna find wall to bang and smash it.

Then i wanted to run away.. when...

Wern's alarm rang..

Wooo.. finally awaken! what a tired dream. Hope it doesnt come true. But Jian always forget i hungry de!

Friday, April 3

Najib as 6th Prime Minister

Yeah YEah...

I kinda regretted that this NO VULGAR CHALLENGE is on at this period of time. There's alot of things i wanna say but vulgarities had to be censored.


Wanna grats Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for finally managed to be the 6th Prime Minister. I'm sure that he waited for so long for this moment to materialize. Grats again!
Thats all for today.

<3 Nicole