Friday, March 20

Time For Movies

I was complaining about lack of "GOOD" movies to watch lately. Then i browse for some msn buddies, and came across Mr. Santa Chen, giving free movie tickets for the movie "The International" which wasnt on screen at that time.

Despite having a busy schedule, i took all 3 free tickets he gave, and we went for the movie in Cineleisure Damansara. It was good. Good as in, ady 5 months didnt enter the cinema. Good as in, better than Chun Li or Dragon ball, or the kinda complicated Watchmen.

I forgotten the euphoria of going for movies, listening to the loud sound effects. Also forgotten the thrills of suspense. The International is good, but the plot is predictable.

Nonetheless, was browsing for some movies that i will MAKE SURE i watch, alone or not =)

I think i will watch The Transformers which will be out some time later in 2009.

But one thing that catches my attention is the Billboard along LDP... With my fav actor, with husky voice and perfect body!!!

I was like.... OMG OMG OMGGGGGG... Vin Diesel~!

Fast & Furious 4 is ON April 2

LOL? Dont understand?

It means

*~*~*~* Fast & Furious 4 is ON April 2*~*~*

The last movie i watch with him starring is Babylon, which is a Good turned Sucky movie because it practically has no ending. OK, no proper ending...

But THIS.. OMG.. THIS thing is coming and I assure you its coming BIG..Fast Cars, Cool Hunks, and Pretty Babes.. Come on.. What else are you asking for??

Even the website is cool!!! For fans, please remember to visit: It takes quite a while to load...

I didnt want to read the story..I would prefer the movie to give me all the suspense it could bring!!!

Anybody wanna date me for a movie? ^^



TianChad田七 said...

Thanks for coming for "The International" ar ^@^

Lets go watch Fast & Furious together~! ;p

大頭 said...

kia when fast and furios on screen d, we go watch

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Woot.. Scored a Date.. Set ah BigShow di.. We go for date..

caffeine head said...

no matter how many times they remake Fast and Furious, Vin Diesel's best work will always be Chronicles of Riddick