Sunday, March 29

Remedy to Boring WOrking Life


All of my coursemates parted ways, each and everyone choosing to take on different destinations in life.

And yet, there's some of us, unable to let go and walk across the mundane working life. Unable to surrender to the unhappiness at workplace.. And there's some of us, who enjoyed PAN MEE Very Much.
WHo are these mysterious people?

*jeng jeng jeng*

EMCEE: The Nominees For The Best Nonsensible Working Man and Woman are :

1. ANgE from Tee Pee eMM

2. NiCoLe from PrinCess ToWn

3. Chad from KeenRaRah

4. Ying from KeenRahRah

And the winner is:



Besides of being the most nonsense people, you can also see that Chad's has better skin than me.

@#$%#$^%%$^%$&$% I dunwan snap photos with him anymore!!!
KEK SIM sia...
The PAn MEE is delicious, me and ange took 1 1/2 bowls each. HAHA
<3 Nicole


The M said...



macam tu...

wakaka XD
i will rolling floor XD

ange said...

ish nic,,
my pics macam i belum bangun dari tidur la....

*ROFL together with marccus*