Friday, March 20

I am ANgry with myself

I was wondering whether should i close this blog or not. I felt guilty, bad, sad, down, emotional and depressed thinking about this matter.

It's not that i have had millions of readers anyway. Nobody practically know my existance. If i close this blog down, then it will be less of a responsibility for me.

Things have changed. From a simple minded, brainless git, i have evolved with time.
I used to spend hours in front of the computer, chatting, playing Maple Story..talking nonsense, flirting around.. But now i cannot afford to lose any more time.

Working in office meaning that i sit infront of this 17" LCD for 8hours. I blogged during office hours, which i believed it is a deadly crime. I'm risking my dear life just to post some thoughts in my mind. At any moment im caught, i will be facing a death penalty!

Nonetheless, everytime i came here. Logged on. I feel that words and thoughts kept flowing at my fingertips, prompting me to type something. The feeling of this is something i would definitely missed if i deleted my blog.

The desire to blog has died. The reason i named this blog MsXeRoZ is because, MsXeRoZ is me living in cyber world. A level 146, high luk bishop, wearing my self-scrolled 30int overall, with cute monica hairstyle and plenty of friends in a trader+pro guild called WinterTear. But Asiasoft chose to ban my MsXeRoZ. MsXeRoZ died on that day. I spent timeless accounts to revive, to ask them return MsXeRoZ to me. MsXeRoZ died a rich death. She was banned because of having too much mesos in the storage account. So they banned the whole passport. My years of playing maple just vanquish like this.

So tell me, readers (if there's any) what you think i should do? My cyber alter ego died. Do the cyber world need me?



The M said...

you may... change ur identity on the cyber world wat.

wakaka XD

The blog is a place for you to speak when no body there. Mai force your self lar, if you dun wan blog.

Cos you can create a blog anytime when you wish to told something. wakaka.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

EEE...When u online de?

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

I feel very sien. Coz if i dun blog. How can i keep in touch with all my buddies who lived in cyber space?

Maybe i'll change my blog name ady..if Asiasoft still refuse to release my char.

cklim said...

pls pls..keep the blog..

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

lol.. Hi Chun Kiat..

miss ya..muack muackz..

Thanks for dropping by~!

cklim said...

aiya, nicole, i am your 100% fans, my sincere request from uk, keep the blog, i dont mind if you wish to change the blog name, as blogger allow you to transfer the existing posts to new blog.

i always drop by la, but din leave comment in topic i not familiar with..haha

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...