Friday, March 27

A Hell's Day of Work

Professional Bloggers do not mention their work place. Fortunately, I'm not a professional blogger, also, im no even professional to begin with.

I went to work feeling tired, It is a FRIDAY, and i've been on leave for the past three days. Dragging my feet, i walked up the stairs, opened the office door and walked straight to my computer and started working.

It began quite slowly, and then my mood returned to normal.Woo Hoo..

Then... I checked my customer's list, noticed something amiss. Then msn my customer. then.. OMG... Hoffman Tubing clips that he ordered went missing..OMG OMG.. where did i put it?

I went to the store room. Looked left... Looked right.. WTF man! All boxes. Where is the Hoffman Clips? Then i ransacked the whole store room. Found some 250ml Azlon Washbottles, Many Many telephone cable, 1 old fax machine, 1 old Canon Printer, Many Many Screwdrivers, some USB cables, a box of Retort clamps, 1 Aqualitic Water Tester, rubbish, dirt, dust, newpapers...

But? Where is the tubing clips?

I went to msn, asked my customer. Customer, did my ex-colleague passed you the clips? Else i need to go through hell to find them..

Customer: NO!! GO TO HELL!! (jk jk)

So off i went to hell, i failed to find the hoffman tubing clips. So i went to msn.. to ask my ex-colleague.

Colleague, did u pass the hoffman tubing clips to CUstomer?

Colleague: NO!!.. IT's in HELL. GO FIND FIND SEE. (jk jk)

SO again i went inside hell. I kicked the boxes.. And I see something shiny. Whooopp.. Here is the Hoffman Tubing CLips.!! =)

HAHa.. So my Customer and Ex-colleague no chance scold me d..

*Note: Actually i kept the clips, i forgot where i put it*

Then everything was fine.. Until i called Goofy to ask about the rock bottom price.

Goofy: @#$@$%^#%&&

Nicole: yes yes

Goofy: !@#@$@#%#$^$%^$%&%^*&^*^&^%%%^^^

Nicole: Yes YEs ERm... YA






Goofy: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Nicole: !@#!#$#%$#^%$&^%&^*&(*&()*)&*^#$%$!#%#$^%&%^*^*&^(&*(&%$%$%#$%$^*(

*Note: Contents of the discussion has been censored due to underaged viewers*

Then, discuss with Manager, then

Nicole: EH, this u do, i lazy do this kind of things

dot dot dot dotz

Who is the Manager now?





TianChad田七 said...

I should say "NO!! GO TO HELL!!"
(jk jk)

大頭 said...

kelian de jie

WaiWai said...

Wa.... why your working day is more drama than mine?!?!?! Hehe.

marccus said...

Goofy have his style~~ wakaka
u need to scold him back one, keke

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


Y u go pecah rahsia that u are the so called "customer"!!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


Coz Goofy thinks i'm stupid. Nvm la...
I admit im stupid lor..

The M said...

aiyoyo, why u say urself stupid.
even u stupid also kenot admit one. wakaka XD

tml u go hamtam goofy.