Tuesday, March 31

Furiously Stucked

*Ringtone: Jay Chou's Wo Bu Pei*~~

Nic: Hello..
Guy Manager: Nicole, i open office door ady. Then i close the wooden door, then, i accidentally locked it, so you kautim la.
Nic: Eh, where the key?
Guy Manager: Inside office.

*content censored due to underaged viewers again*

This is how my morning began.. with locked office door. Alright, he told me to use cards such as TouchNGo to swipe the lock. Yes, the gap is big enough for my card to pass through.

But im a smart chick ok? I didnt use my TouchNGo which has RM42.70 inside, i used the infamous UTAR student card which has lost function since the expiry date. (It used to get me cheaper tickets to movie)

Swipe swipe.. Nothing happened. Cant tahan already, drove to Bandar Puteri near public bank there, saw my favorite hardware(batang keras) shop. And they charged me RM40.

The man came, and took 30mins to unlock the door. =.=" not very professional =x
I stand out there until lenguh lor~~~

GOOD! come come open my office door. Coz my Goofy will call me anytime.

Today will be alone in office... Dearest colleague is on half day leave.

Anybody wanna have lunch with me?


The M said...

the P.M. so stupid one.. wakaka XD

大頭 said...

kelian de jie....
aiyo this thing u must ask jason to go, he pro in open door...
ur manager damn stupid juga la.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


TBR lock can ask Jason, but mine is high security office lock. Until locksmith also take 30mins..HAHA...

wen ni said...

nvm i makan lunch with u! lol

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Wen Ni~>

WE eat lunch le wor.. WHere R u?