Tuesday, March 31

The Day I become Wen Rou

Dear Marccus~!

and i challenge you to be the Contender as well~

No Vulgar Challenge
1. To start the challenge, challenger must be:
a: Human
b: 1 years old or older.

2. Challenger can be Male and/or Female.

3. No entry fee necessary.

4. By entering the Challenge, challenger must not process the following Vulgar word in any form such as writing, speaking, signaling, whispering, eye-messaging:

i: Kan Le Ma/ Kan
ii: Pu Ki Ma/ Puki Ma/ Puki/
iii: Lan Chiao/ Lan Ciao/ Lan/
iv: Kiong Kanv: Chao Chi Bai/ Cao Ci Bai/ Chao Ci Bai/ Cao Chi Bai/
vi: Chao hai/ Cao hai
vii: Chao Bi/ Cao Bi/ Chao B/ Cao B
viii: Ma Chao Hai/ Ma Cao Ha
iix: Ma Ha
ix: Diu/ Tiu
xi: Jiak Sai
xii: Lu Sai Sai
xiii: So Hai
xiv: Diu Lan Hai
xv: Diu Hai
xvi: fuck/ fucker
xvii: bastard
xviii: bitch
xix: shit
xx: damn/ damnn/ damnnnn
xxi: dick
xxii: boobs
xxiii: ass/ asshole/ assholes
xxiv: ham ka chan/ ham ka can
xxv: ham ka ling/ ham ka lin
xxvi: celaka
xxvii: What the fuck/ Wat the fuck/ wat d fuck/ what d fuck/ WTF
xxviii: kanasai/ kana/ kannasai/ kanna/ kns

5. Any abbreviation, symbol or combination that represent or eventually bring the meaning to the above list will considered as Vulgar word.

6. There is a period of One month for this challenge. After end of each Challenge cycle, challenger may continue for new challenge. Successful challenger will be entitled a name, Good Boy! (for male) or Good Girl! (for female) or Good! (for whatever).

7. Who ever wish to terminate from challenge before One month period will entitled a name, LOSER.

8. The list of Vulgar word will update without any prior notice, challenger should time to time check the list whenever there is any updates.

9. Any person who break the rules will be fined RM 1.00 = USD 0.38 each time ONE vulgar word is release, pronounced, or written.

10. Money will then be donated to McDonald or KFC, donation box.

11. Challenger will requires to make a pledge thru his and/or her network, using blog, facebook, friendster, email, newspaper publishing, radio broadcasting, and any other media is allowed.

12. The commencement of the challenge will require a written and published the below information: Name of Challenger: Challenger contact Email:Name of Judge: Judge contact Email: Period of Challenge: dd/mm/yyyy - dd/mm/yyyyStatus of Challenge: (Challenging, Complete, Terminated)Result:Successful Challege: (Number of successful Challenge)

13. A selected judge must be fulfill the following criteria:i: Close friend/ intimate partner.ii: Have very frequent conversation or contact. iii: Able to be contact time to time.

14. Rules may updates without any notice.

Name of Challenger: Nicole Chua
Email: chua_nicole@hotmail.com
Name of Judge: Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Chen Tian Chad

Period of Challenge: 01/04/2009 - 30/04/2009
Status of Challenge: TBA
Result: TBA
Winner: TBA
Funds Collected: TBA

Please drop your comments to show that you care~



marccus said...

wakaka XD
Tian Chad faster post up XD

大頭 said...

since u are my jie, can do an ofer for me?
RM5 for each vulgar......XD
then i can kacau u in msn everyday eveyrnite until a month has pass....
then i can have my KFC comboA with the money liao muahahaha

ange said...

best of luck...


SiAdikTakPercaya said...

is the day i become octopussss~~~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


The money collected is for charity de, not for you to eat ComboA.

If you wan eat comboA, when we see fast and furious only go la~


marccus said...

wakaka, RM 5 wor, kenot lar, nicole sure pok kai later

Ah boon, remember help observe for me, wakaka XD

大頭 said...

okok xD

sopoh said...

jyjy ar!!! u can do it!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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