Tuesday, March 31

The Day I become Wen Rou

Dear Marccus~!

and i challenge you to be the Contender as well~

No Vulgar Challenge
1. To start the challenge, challenger must be:
a: Human
b: 1 years old or older.

2. Challenger can be Male and/or Female.

3. No entry fee necessary.

4. By entering the Challenge, challenger must not process the following Vulgar word in any form such as writing, speaking, signaling, whispering, eye-messaging:

i: Kan Le Ma/ Kan
ii: Pu Ki Ma/ Puki Ma/ Puki/
iii: Lan Chiao/ Lan Ciao/ Lan/
iv: Kiong Kanv: Chao Chi Bai/ Cao Ci Bai/ Chao Ci Bai/ Cao Chi Bai/
vi: Chao hai/ Cao hai
vii: Chao Bi/ Cao Bi/ Chao B/ Cao B
viii: Ma Chao Hai/ Ma Cao Ha
iix: Ma Ha
ix: Diu/ Tiu
xi: Jiak Sai
xii: Lu Sai Sai
xiii: So Hai
xiv: Diu Lan Hai
xv: Diu Hai
xvi: fuck/ fucker
xvii: bastard
xviii: bitch
xix: shit
xx: damn/ damnn/ damnnnn
xxi: dick
xxii: boobs
xxiii: ass/ asshole/ assholes
xxiv: ham ka chan/ ham ka can
xxv: ham ka ling/ ham ka lin
xxvi: celaka
xxvii: What the fuck/ Wat the fuck/ wat d fuck/ what d fuck/ WTF
xxviii: kanasai/ kana/ kannasai/ kanna/ kns

5. Any abbreviation, symbol or combination that represent or eventually bring the meaning to the above list will considered as Vulgar word.

6. There is a period of One month for this challenge. After end of each Challenge cycle, challenger may continue for new challenge. Successful challenger will be entitled a name, Good Boy! (for male) or Good Girl! (for female) or Good! (for whatever).

7. Who ever wish to terminate from challenge before One month period will entitled a name, LOSER.

8. The list of Vulgar word will update without any prior notice, challenger should time to time check the list whenever there is any updates.

9. Any person who break the rules will be fined RM 1.00 = USD 0.38 each time ONE vulgar word is release, pronounced, or written.

10. Money will then be donated to McDonald or KFC, donation box.

11. Challenger will requires to make a pledge thru his and/or her network, using blog, facebook, friendster, email, newspaper publishing, radio broadcasting, and any other media is allowed.

12. The commencement of the challenge will require a written and published the below information: Name of Challenger: Challenger contact Email:Name of Judge: Judge contact Email: Period of Challenge: dd/mm/yyyy - dd/mm/yyyyStatus of Challenge: (Challenging, Complete, Terminated)Result:Successful Challege: (Number of successful Challenge)

13. A selected judge must be fulfill the following criteria:i: Close friend/ intimate partner.ii: Have very frequent conversation or contact. iii: Able to be contact time to time.

14. Rules may updates without any notice.

Name of Challenger: Nicole Chua
Email: chua_nicole@hotmail.com
Name of Judge: Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Chen Tian Chad

Period of Challenge: 01/04/2009 - 30/04/2009
Status of Challenge: TBA
Result: TBA
Winner: TBA
Funds Collected: TBA

Please drop your comments to show that you care~


Furiously Stucked

*Ringtone: Jay Chou's Wo Bu Pei*~~

Nic: Hello..
Guy Manager: Nicole, i open office door ady. Then i close the wooden door, then, i accidentally locked it, so you kautim la.
Nic: Eh, where the key?
Guy Manager: Inside office.

*content censored due to underaged viewers again*

This is how my morning began.. with locked office door. Alright, he told me to use cards such as TouchNGo to swipe the lock. Yes, the gap is big enough for my card to pass through.

But im a smart chick ok? I didnt use my TouchNGo which has RM42.70 inside, i used the infamous UTAR student card which has lost function since the expiry date. (It used to get me cheaper tickets to movie)

Swipe swipe.. Nothing happened. Cant tahan already, drove to Bandar Puteri near public bank there, saw my favorite hardware(batang keras) shop. And they charged me RM40.

The man came, and took 30mins to unlock the door. =.=" not very professional =x
I stand out there until lenguh lor~~~

GOOD! come come open my office door. Coz my Goofy will call me anytime.

Today will be alone in office... Dearest colleague is on half day leave.

Anybody wanna have lunch with me?

Sunday, March 29

The Adventures of Nicole in Darkness!!!

Thinking of a post title can be tiring...

I was thinking whether to put~
Nicole in Darkness, Darkness and Nicole, Earthly Nicole, etc etc..
So i anyhow typed a lame title to catch the attention of my beloved readers =x

Earth Hour...

Sat 28 March 2009 , 8.30-9.30pm

I was in Pantai Kundur, Melaka last weekend for Ching Ming. I was shocked and surprised to see that my parents, grandfather, aunties and uncles knew about the Earth Hour. Also, they knew that we were requested to switch off our lights for an hour.

We were sitting and watching Da Ai Channel in the living room, and the clock ticks 8.00pm. We were all chatting haphazardly, and suddenly a swarm of bees flew into the living room. There were about 20 bees on the floor. Without hesitation, my dad switch off the living room light, and that commemorate the 2009 Earth Hour.

if you can see its my aunty and grandfather. We cannot switch off all the lights (referring to the corridor lights which is on), because our house compound is too big. If we off all lights, it will be very very scary.... so we only turned off the indoor lights. Hope that counts !!! =)

My cousin Ah Pei

Grandpa, me and Aunty

In a Nutshell, Nicole celebrated Earth Hour..Yoo Hoo...


Note: In Melaka House, never try this attempt without parental supervision. It is damn dark, scary and blooody spooky...


Remedy to Boring WOrking Life


All of my coursemates parted ways, each and everyone choosing to take on different destinations in life.

And yet, there's some of us, unable to let go and walk across the mundane working life. Unable to surrender to the unhappiness at workplace.. And there's some of us, who enjoyed PAN MEE Very Much.
WHo are these mysterious people?

*jeng jeng jeng*

EMCEE: The Nominees For The Best Nonsensible Working Man and Woman are :

1. ANgE from Tee Pee eMM

2. NiCoLe from PrinCess ToWn

3. Chad from KeenRaRah

4. Ying from KeenRahRah

And the winner is:



Besides of being the most nonsense people, you can also see that Chad's has better skin than me.

@#$%#$^%%$^%$&$% I dunwan snap photos with him anymore!!!
KEK SIM sia...
The PAn MEE is delicious, me and ange took 1 1/2 bowls each. HAHA
<3 Nicole

Friday, March 27

A Hell's Day of Work

Professional Bloggers do not mention their work place. Fortunately, I'm not a professional blogger, also, im no even professional to begin with.

I went to work feeling tired, It is a FRIDAY, and i've been on leave for the past three days. Dragging my feet, i walked up the stairs, opened the office door and walked straight to my computer and started working.

It began quite slowly, and then my mood returned to normal.Woo Hoo..

Then... I checked my customer's list, noticed something amiss. Then msn my customer. then.. OMG... Hoffman Tubing clips that he ordered went missing..OMG OMG.. where did i put it?

I went to the store room. Looked left... Looked right.. WTF man! All boxes. Where is the Hoffman Clips? Then i ransacked the whole store room. Found some 250ml Azlon Washbottles, Many Many telephone cable, 1 old fax machine, 1 old Canon Printer, Many Many Screwdrivers, some USB cables, a box of Retort clamps, 1 Aqualitic Water Tester, rubbish, dirt, dust, newpapers...

But? Where is the tubing clips?

I went to msn, asked my customer. Customer, did my ex-colleague passed you the clips? Else i need to go through hell to find them..

Customer: NO!! GO TO HELL!! (jk jk)

So off i went to hell, i failed to find the hoffman tubing clips. So i went to msn.. to ask my ex-colleague.

Colleague, did u pass the hoffman tubing clips to CUstomer?

Colleague: NO!!.. IT's in HELL. GO FIND FIND SEE. (jk jk)

SO again i went inside hell. I kicked the boxes.. And I see something shiny. Whooopp.. Here is the Hoffman Tubing CLips.!! =)

HAHa.. So my Customer and Ex-colleague no chance scold me d..

*Note: Actually i kept the clips, i forgot where i put it*

Then everything was fine.. Until i called Goofy to ask about the rock bottom price.

Goofy: @#$@$%^#%&&

Nicole: yes yes

Goofy: !@#@$@#%#$^$%^$%&%^*&^*^&^%%%^^^

Nicole: Yes YEs ERm... YA






Goofy: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Nicole: !@#!#$#%$#^%$&^%&^*&(*&()*)&*^#$%$!#%#$^%&%^*^*&^(&*(&%$%$%#$%$^*(

*Note: Contents of the discussion has been censored due to underaged viewers*

Then, discuss with Manager, then

Nicole: EH, this u do, i lazy do this kind of things

dot dot dot dotz

Who is the Manager now?




Friday, March 20

Time For Movies

I was complaining about lack of "GOOD" movies to watch lately. Then i browse for some msn buddies, and came across Mr. Santa Chen, giving free movie tickets for the movie "The International" which wasnt on screen at that time.

Despite having a busy schedule, i took all 3 free tickets he gave, and we went for the movie in Cineleisure Damansara. It was good. Good as in, ady 5 months didnt enter the cinema. Good as in, better than Chun Li or Dragon ball, or the kinda complicated Watchmen.

I forgotten the euphoria of going for movies, listening to the loud sound effects. Also forgotten the thrills of suspense. The International is good, but the plot is predictable.

Nonetheless, was browsing for some movies that i will MAKE SURE i watch, alone or not =)

I think i will watch The Transformers which will be out some time later in 2009.

But one thing that catches my attention is the Billboard along LDP... With my fav actor, with husky voice and perfect body!!!

I was like.... OMG OMG OMGGGGGG... Vin Diesel~!

Fast & Furious 4 is ON April 2

LOL? Dont understand?

It means

*~*~*~* Fast & Furious 4 is ON April 2*~*~*

The last movie i watch with him starring is Babylon, which is a Good turned Sucky movie because it practically has no ending. OK, no proper ending...

But THIS.. OMG.. THIS thing is coming and I assure you its coming BIG..Fast Cars, Cool Hunks, and Pretty Babes.. Come on.. What else are you asking for??

Even the website is cool!!! For fans, please remember to visit: http://www.fastandfuriousmovie.net/.. It takes quite a while to load...

I didnt want to read the story..I would prefer the movie to give me all the suspense it could bring!!!

Anybody wanna date me for a movie? ^^


I am ANgry with myself

I was wondering whether should i close this blog or not. I felt guilty, bad, sad, down, emotional and depressed thinking about this matter.

It's not that i have had millions of readers anyway. Nobody practically know my existance. If i close this blog down, then it will be less of a responsibility for me.

Things have changed. From a simple minded, brainless git, i have evolved with time.
I used to spend hours in front of the computer, chatting, playing Maple Story..talking nonsense, flirting around.. But now i cannot afford to lose any more time.

Working in office meaning that i sit infront of this 17" LCD for 8hours. I blogged during office hours, which i believed it is a deadly crime. I'm risking my dear life just to post some thoughts in my mind. At any moment im caught, i will be facing a death penalty!

Nonetheless, everytime i came here. Logged on. I feel that words and thoughts kept flowing at my fingertips, prompting me to type something. The feeling of this is something i would definitely missed if i deleted my blog.

The desire to blog has died. The reason i named this blog MsXeRoZ is because, MsXeRoZ is me living in cyber world. A level 146, high luk bishop, wearing my self-scrolled 30int overall, with cute monica hairstyle and plenty of friends in a trader+pro guild called WinterTear. But Asiasoft chose to ban my MsXeRoZ. MsXeRoZ died on that day. I spent timeless accounts to revive, to ask them return MsXeRoZ to me. MsXeRoZ died a rich death. She was banned because of having too much mesos in the storage account. So they banned the whole passport. My years of playing maple just vanquish like this.

So tell me, readers (if there's any) what you think i should do? My cyber alter ego died. Do the cyber world need me?


Tuesday, March 3

Stupid Stuff that Make Me Mad

Number 8.

My Home Sweet Home is like a warzone. It was the most pleasant city in Malaysia, where it boasts of authentic good food and pretty girls..

Today's news is flooded with Perak government issues. Whereby first time in history, there are 2 Menteri Besar (Chief Minister), and there's the argument on the state assembly thingy. Also there's 3 people that hop here hop there, like nothing to do like that.

I'm proud to be a Perakian, but ashamed to be in the same state as the 3 parasitic grasshoppers. I didnt mention their names, not because i give them face-it's because their names are not worth to be kept in my memory.

Happening Today: State Legislative Assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar is bent on going ahead with an emergency sitting of the assembly today morning to vote on two motions, aimed at killing the Barisan Nasional administration of Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir who was appointed by the Sultan of Perak as mentri besar. (No confidence motion and dissolve assembly-make way for fresh elections).

Incidents that demonise the whole proceedings:

1. Since last evening, police roadblocks were erected along the main road leading to the Perak Darul Ridzuan building which houses the Perak Mentri Besar office, the State Secretariat and the Legislative Assembly. (VERY GOOD, Tomorrow, whole Ipoh jam, people will be late for work-How to boost the economy?)

2. Police action against any gathering at the Perak Darul Ridzuan complex, saying such gathering would be illegal. (this tactic had been used so many times since last year-to instill FEAR)

3.The State Secretary’s office issued circulars last evening directing staff members to cancel all appointments in the premises today because the entrances to the building would be shut.
However, the circulars were retrieved about an hour after they were pasted on the doors of several offices.
(See, this is how they do work, do first without using brains, then retrieve it. Now you all know where our resources has gone).

4.Dr Zambry warned that anyone who tried to attend the sitting would be deemed as “threatening the safety of the state.” (YAwnZZ, you are threatening the rakyat, Mister!)

5. Zambry claims that the emergency sitting is illegal without the consent of the Sultan. He cited Articles 8, 11 and 36 of the state constitution. However, a check with the Perak constitution confirms that Articles 8 and 11 cited by Zambry were not related whatsoever with what he argued. Articles 8 and 11 are in relation to the state seal, and the executive action of the authority being conducted in the Sultan’s name, respectively. Article 36 says, among other things, that “His Royal Highness shall from time to time summon the legislative assembly and shall not allow six months to elapse between the last sitting in one session and the date appointed for its first sitting in the next session.” (Joke of the Year! LOL)

6. In the morning, Perak executive councillor Mohd Zahid Abdul Khalid served a notice of misconduct on the Speaker, referring him to the Rights and Privileges Committee.
And who is the head of the Rights and Privileges Committee? Sivakumar. (Another hoo haaa hoo haaa)

Chronology of Events:
9.40amA scuffle has broken out between five men and Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen trying to enter the state secretariat compound. The five men claim to be independent and are trying to push Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin and Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen away from the entrance. (Oops i did it again~!)

9.44am Nizar and Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen are now being stopped by police from entering the building. (Optimus Prime!! The Decepticons are coming...)

9.52am Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen are now standing toe-to-toe with riot police at the entrance, while supporters have linked hands behind the lawmakers.At the side two trucks with water cannons are poised for action. (TOLD ya)

9.58am Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen have decided to leave the scene to avoid violence. They will hold a press conference shortly where they are likely to announce new venue for assembly sitting. (According to law practitioner, the assembly can be held anywhere. Erm.. YB, need my house ma? i ask my mama clean clean for you guys to have meeting? )

10.20am Perak V Sivakumar has put on his robes by the roadside near the state secretriat and appears to be preparing to convene assembly right there under the shade of a rain tree. They are now tabling the first motion.

10.28am The state assembly has passed a vote of confidence in Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin as mentri besar of Perak. The assembly has also passed another vote calling on Nizar to seek a dissolution of the legislature and pave the way for fresh elections. Meanwhile, Judicial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim has ruled that five lawyers, including constitutional expert Tommy Thomas, have no locus standi to represent the Perak Speaker in court.He says the Speaker must be represented by the state legal advisor because he is part of the state government.

10.35am The Perak State Assembly, convened under the shade of a rain tree, has been adjourned. (We'll see what happen next)

Latest update (4/3/09)

7 hrs after the emergency meeting under the rain tree, court says the assembly is illegal.

Nothing to update le. Malaysia is in chaos...With the rats chasing the cats, cats chasing the dogs, chase here chase there. Dont expect to get a payrise in near future.