Monday, February 2



I need recommendations for the best indian food in KL/Selangor!!!
You see, lately i have been busy, because office only left 3 ppl + CNY celebration is on now...Then, my company is organizing a seminar on Feb 10,11,12 at UPM. The problem is, this "ang moh" Mr Deadman (Seriously!) from UK happened to request for Indian cuisine. The mother of all problem is, for me, best indian cuisince comes from MAMAK!!!
Anyone had good indian food, please inform me. I need to make the soonest arrangement or else i'll be Ms. DeadWoman...
On the other hand, Mr. Deadman also loves boat ride. Anyone knows any Restaurants on boat? Heard that Putrajaya has one, is it good?
Hope to receive some positive feedback from my readers. Thanks
Love ya!


Anonymous said...

ok.. here i write down.

Indian food ma. must let him have a taste of using hand to eat.

Eat as Indian, feels as indian~
Go any Nasi Kandar Shop can liao, haha. Coz other luxurious restaurant use fork and spoon one.

大頭 said...

I love roti canai ^^

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


I sweat

If me i sure bring TBR de roti canai there. Roti Kenari satu ah neh!

大頭 said...

tbr got one new mamak dong, food very nice nia~~~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

wah..i wan go back TBR. Next week u free ma? Exam over le ma?

Anonymous said...

The best indian food in KL is always at brickfields .. no doubt about that ..

you can find all sorts of indian foods, even vegetarian