Monday, January 5

*~* What Have I Been Doing Lately*~*

Hello all my precious readers,

I'm back...

Lately i received several complains, on the lack of blogging activities. You see, because of this and that i had been really occupied during my whole month of December.

Chronography of Events (December'08)

1-7 December --> Work DAMN hard to achieve my Insurance target
8-14 December--> Work DAMN hard to achieve my Office target
15-16 December --> Work + Play with Cousin who came back from Australia
17 December--> My PApa's Bday..But unable to celebrate with him coz its on the weekday.
18-22 December--> WOrk+Holiday with my Unit Trust Manager
23-26 December--> Completing all the accounts documentation, i made alot of careless mistakes throughout this period
27 December--> Business Planning for ING Insurance.
27-29December--> Back to Ipoh to celebrate papa's bday. Went to Setiawan to eat Seafood.
30-1st January--> Work and complete documentation
3-4 January--> Business Planning for KL Lion Group.


Listing down this chronology of events is also a tiring task!

I predict January will be as busy as December. My parents are nagging for me to get an uplifting in image. And this tallies with my aim after attending so many business plannings. I need to look and be professional.

Hereby, i deeply apologise to my clients and policy holders for neglecting their needs for the whole month. I promise you guys a meal =)

It's kinda late now. I shall upload latest pics that i have tomorrow.

Hope you liked the new header.

Muackz all

Love you guys and girls

Nicole <3

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TianChad田七 said...

At last you are back ;p
Looks like ur ING is going well ;p

Nice heading too~