Tuesday, January 13

I'm Pretty de, OK!


Addicted to editing photographs already. I was in Subang Parade for dinner today, and TianChad and Marccus keep wan edit my photo. OK, since ugly ady, and since got ppl volunteer to redesign my look, so i allow them to snap some photos for their editing. *i bet they spend sleepless nights after editing my photo* hiak hiak hiakz.

Anyways, i'm looking forward for the "all new" Nicole photo from Tian Chad. I'll post it here once i get them.

The Golden Globe Awards has just ended. I got my inspirations from some of the fabulous actress in Hollywood!

Below are some of my 'creations'. Have fun laughing!

Look Alike ma? *shy*

Glamourous Angelina Jolie~ I mempersiasuehkan her saja..wakakaka

Who has the sexier look? ME or Drew Barrymore?




The fact that editing my own photo with the actresses looks can be scary, especially its midnight now. And despite playing with these software, ugliness of a person cannot be changed. *sad story*

Beauty is only skin deep. Although i keep complaining about how i look, i think Tian Chad and Marccus are more concern on my look than me myself. ahhaa..Its great to have friends that reminds you to take care of your skin more often, and have people who doesnt discriminate you no matter how you look!

Maybe because my brain goes haywire, therefore my looks will not affect my self esteem. I will be myself no matter what happens. =)

By the way, this is a serious question.. Which is better for me, Curly or Straight? Please leave comment ya!


Goodnite guys and babes!

<3 Nicole


Anonymous said...

5 h 0 C lc . . . ed

Anonymous said...

for the 1st glance...
i tot the 1st few pics were guys =.=

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

HAHAHA..so fast have readers. Not nice meh?

cklim said...

Curly is better

@loha said...