Wednesday, January 14

I'm A Ghost


GG liao...

Cameraman so happy, got sample to experiment on

Look what TianChad made me look like:~

Sample/specimen posing for cameraman


AFTER MODIFICATION, i mean, beautification

(With Skin Polish, Lipstick and eyeliner if not mistaken)


Those interested can drop your hp number here. Charge rates depends on ugliness.
Semi-Pretty--> RM100.00
Ugly (like me) --> RM300.00 (i become model, so FOC)
Si bei Ugly--> RM3000.00

For guy sampling, our model will be Marccus!!

Readers have to wait until i force him to become model.

Keep in touch.

Thanks TianChad, because of your modification, at least i can imagine how i look like without pimples.

<3 Nicole


Anonymous said...

the photo got some mistake or TC forgot to remove some dots on it? o_O weird~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Stupid SiAdikKutuk,



wen ni said...

wow, you look like Fann Wong (范文芳)leh without pimples!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Wen ni: Thanks for your comment. I very the Happy..but (without pimples)..HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

wen ni, nicole on the roof now...

TianChad田七 said...

"TC forgot to remove some dots"
Haha!! ;p
If Tahi Lalat also removed sure dont look like Nicole oledi ;p

Nicole you are welcome! Haha

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

hey, u look nice in straight hair...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

XiaoTing~ Thanks for the compliment. ^^

大頭 said...

fuyooo jieeee
new stlye edi wor, leng lui liao