Wednesday, January 14

Believe Me, UTAR is bloody STUPID.

I dont care whether i get a lawyer letter for this header or not. Who cares anyway. Even a peabrain knows it. In my whole life, i rarely regretted anything, but one thing for sure, i regretted studying in UTAR.

This is what happened 2 days ago.

Administration, which is the SUper Intelligent Department of Students Affair (S. I. D. S. A) announced that, to get the car stickers, you need to get the number from the guard house on the 12th of Jan.

The problem is, 12th of Jan, what time? 12am is also 12th Jan! When you ask him (the person incharge, who is also my friend, but make people pissed off, Mr M), he says " i dono, you can try".


The requirement is need bring student bill. Student bill must be paid or not? but UTAR PTPTN havent come? HOw? when ask him, Mr. M say, I dono, you can try, but dont tell me you dunno ptptn come late.

WTF! Nevermind. I can feel alot people dulan also...

Then at 8am of 11th Jan (sunday), received phone call from unimates.... "Hello xxx ah, the number for car sticker ady out today 4pm"

If you were xxx, what do you feel? DULAN rite? want point middle finger right?

so xxx drove to university at 11pm to see whether still can apply or not..

DOnt forget to listen to when stress!

*note: my phone very cheap de, so the photo also not clear*

JAM LA What else! I saw students, with grandma, grandpa, papa, mama, great grandpa. all waiting. Both lanes (entrance and exit) were filled with vehicles! On what rationale is this? UNIVERSITI STANDARD?

Entrance sesak!

People all wait until sit by the roadside..

People discussing what to do.

Hey people, these youngsters have hell lot of things to do. Do you know how much they sacrificed to line up at UTAR at midnight? The Giant match Chelsea vs Man U is on air at this moment. I also kek sim la, i miss first half of the match! RAWRRRR...

Then, after 30mins of waiting, they announce that those who collected the numbers at 4pm onwards is NOT VALID. WAHAHA..GG liao lor..Heard that parents complained.

Can you imagine? Can you all imagine? I dare not admit that i graduated from that university also!

This incident happened after i left uni for 6 months. I haven recalculate what are the dissatisfactions i encountered during my uni time!

I recap some of the issue:

1) Horrible Canteen Food (Year 1, 2005)

2) Horrible Cement work-cracks on floor and walls, even stairs. UTAR is such a HOLEy place (2005-2008)

3) No hall, events are done outdoor or in canteen (2005-2008)

4) Lecture halls are separated into 2, causing the screen to senget one side (2007-2008), DK 2 and DK4.

5) Lack of parking spaces

6) Small labs

7) Admin bad behaviour (heard its the best amongst other faculty, dunno true or not)

Its so late and tired to think of it. I rest my case here.

*Note: I am not a victim of the car sticker issue, just helping some victims to release their anger.


Im sorry i insulted those who thinks UTAR is a good place. Keep up the good work for being such an optimist.


Anonymous said...

ahh...finally can leave comment x.x
talking about UTAR, i can write a book about it.. not to comment but to complaint!

refer to the post.. i was there (jz to kepoh) with hundreds of students and some parents and even some granny..

pathetic rite? i think SETAPAK UTAR is the 1st UNI which set the record..

and refer to Mr.M who was the officer in charged, i bet most of the uni students who deal with him would like to curse him upside down..

ahh..time's up.. here ends my 1st comment regarding UTAR..
now i need to get rdy myself to the PATHETIC UNI that i've just mention~ wish me luck..


Anonymous said...

OMG, 12 midnight?
really kiasu man...
for our las sem, i reached at 6.15 am,, and i already considered myself kiasu the end, i didn get it,, damn pissed and for the whole week i was complaining to each and every one..
what is happening to the students of UTAR???

xeroz: YES i HATE mr. M very very much. btw did u get the sticker? and good luck (^.^)

Anonymous said...

wakaka, didnt mention there how much the ticket cost yet..

kian_shen said...

LOL.. go write to MCA la ... make it a political issue then someone will take action ..

@loha said...

for your information, UTAR was, is and will always be STUPID.....
that's a fact that couldn't be denied, can't be denied and will not be denied.....

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

>>>@loha said...
for your information, UTAR was, is and will always be STUPID.....
that's a fact that couldn't be denied, can't be denied and will not be denied.....<<<

YOu sound so emotional..I shall lend you my shoulder to cry on~

Anonymous said...

seriously,utar system have to be changed.... the people have to change as well.... racism...