Friday, January 9

Aiyorrr..Headache laaa

Hello babes and dudes,
Ya i did not upload my pics. Well lately, i cannot do anything with my blog because the seniors are around. Maybe because all waiting for CNY to come by, all stay at office do paper work..Then how i wan update blog leh??
To cut the long story short... I decided to use some CNY money to spend on my skin~ ^^ Finally~Because I'm a very "hao sun" (fillial) niece, i supported my aunty and purchase from her the Mary Kay skin care acne solution...Fuh youh..if really no solution, i think i can suicide die liao..
So, members of the internet, followers of my blog, i introduce you...

*Jeng Jeng Jeng~Claps Hand*

*Audience gasped*


*someone exclaimed!*

Unknown: Nicole, u become so pretty le?

dotz dotz dotz... HAHA, i SS (syiok sendiri).. That one is the model, not me la, if i become so pretty, i will swallow the most geli'est thing in life... the "kuku" (penis shaped) lobak/carrot/ dunoo what herb.. (please refer to Jian for more info on the kuku shaped thingy)

According to the above statement:-

Acne Sufferers Take Note: Help May Be Just Days Away
OK..i had my help. When can I be pretty? This help pretty expensive lor!!

In just 3 days*, the appearance of acne-prone skin will improve

3 Days! Serious? No improve how? ... I got no camera now, else i snap and then u all decide whether got improve or not! Nevermind, Monday weiseong come back to kl, he will comment de la..Ok bo?

There's 3 easy steps to have acne free skin.

No. 1

It is fragrant free, non-foaming, no stinging to my already bloody face. I would prefer if it had some smell though. Coz i love things with nice and pleasant smell, so that i more "rajin cuci muka" (hardworking to wash face).

Score: 6/10
No 2.

Kudos to this serum. Among all brands that i had tried, i can say i like this the most. Mainly because, it is concentrated, but non-sticky/greasy. It feels yucky to have an oily/greasy serum that when you apply it at night, and go to bed, u can imagine all the serum absorbed into my "Chao Chao pillow" (smelly smelly pillow)! With this Mary Kay serum, a small amount is needed only, and it is not greasy plus it dries quite fast.

Score: 8/10

No 3.

This is the spot solution. For my case, it should be renamed to FACE solution. My whole face is spotty, so i guess it doesnt make any sense for me to spend my time making polka dots on my face. So i just apply the whole thing on. HAHA..Because my face is all filled with dots, so i still do not see the effect of this product. Oh ya, the critical point is this cream smells deliciously nice. I feel like licking it instead! I do not know what smell it is, smells like passion fruit! So i passionately apply on my face.. *winks*

Score: 8/10

Total $$ used to buy: Suppose is RM 220, but i got discount la.HAHAH.. (p/s: i trader in MapleStory ma, so must get bargain prices de)...*smiles*

By the way,

Those who are free, and wanna know what is Mary Kay all about, please visit their website:

Since nobody in office today, so i decided to give it a try:-

First step is must login..

Once you signed up, you can upload ur photo. I dun have photo in my office computer! RWAR!!

I had no choice but to use blurred photographs(which is not advisable)

Haha, i using this photo for my presentation at Singapore on 16th. (note: Sorry Ange, gotta cut you away!)

Ok... I recommend all of you to get a crystal clear pic and play with this software. Damn funny!!!

Wan see my results?

SWEE BO? Walau...I look like "ru hua" hahahahahahaha.. But quite innovative software. Try it ba when you free!

Best of all, you can even choose your hair, hair colour and so forth..Look I'm a sexy babe~

Ok, i had a fun time building this image. HAHAHA..

The final outcome:-

ROFL~! Dont run when u see me like this in future!
*NOTE: I would like to see guys doing this. Please let me know if any guys played this thing.
<3 Nicole


Anonymous said...


**cannot stop laughing**

cklim said...

wow..looking fwd to see your new "face"..haha

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

hahaha.. thanks for reading

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TianChad田七 said...

So miracle the product?
See effects in just few days.

Okay, next week upload your picture ha! ;p

By the way, you should take off your glasses for the makeover thing ~