Wednesday, January 14

I'm A Ghost


GG liao...

Cameraman so happy, got sample to experiment on

Look what TianChad made me look like:~

Sample/specimen posing for cameraman


AFTER MODIFICATION, i mean, beautification

(With Skin Polish, Lipstick and eyeliner if not mistaken)


Those interested can drop your hp number here. Charge rates depends on ugliness.
Semi-Pretty--> RM100.00
Ugly (like me) --> RM300.00 (i become model, so FOC)
Si bei Ugly--> RM3000.00

For guy sampling, our model will be Marccus!!

Readers have to wait until i force him to become model.

Keep in touch.

Thanks TianChad, because of your modification, at least i can imagine how i look like without pimples.

<3 Nicole

Believe Me, UTAR is bloody STUPID.

I dont care whether i get a lawyer letter for this header or not. Who cares anyway. Even a peabrain knows it. In my whole life, i rarely regretted anything, but one thing for sure, i regretted studying in UTAR.

This is what happened 2 days ago.

Administration, which is the SUper Intelligent Department of Students Affair (S. I. D. S. A) announced that, to get the car stickers, you need to get the number from the guard house on the 12th of Jan.

The problem is, 12th of Jan, what time? 12am is also 12th Jan! When you ask him (the person incharge, who is also my friend, but make people pissed off, Mr M), he says " i dono, you can try".


The requirement is need bring student bill. Student bill must be paid or not? but UTAR PTPTN havent come? HOw? when ask him, Mr. M say, I dono, you can try, but dont tell me you dunno ptptn come late.

WTF! Nevermind. I can feel alot people dulan also...

Then at 8am of 11th Jan (sunday), received phone call from unimates.... "Hello xxx ah, the number for car sticker ady out today 4pm"

If you were xxx, what do you feel? DULAN rite? want point middle finger right?

so xxx drove to university at 11pm to see whether still can apply or not..

DOnt forget to listen to when stress!

*note: my phone very cheap de, so the photo also not clear*

JAM LA What else! I saw students, with grandma, grandpa, papa, mama, great grandpa. all waiting. Both lanes (entrance and exit) were filled with vehicles! On what rationale is this? UNIVERSITI STANDARD?

Entrance sesak!

People all wait until sit by the roadside..

People discussing what to do.

Hey people, these youngsters have hell lot of things to do. Do you know how much they sacrificed to line up at UTAR at midnight? The Giant match Chelsea vs Man U is on air at this moment. I also kek sim la, i miss first half of the match! RAWRRRR...

Then, after 30mins of waiting, they announce that those who collected the numbers at 4pm onwards is NOT VALID. WAHAHA..GG liao lor..Heard that parents complained.

Can you imagine? Can you all imagine? I dare not admit that i graduated from that university also!

This incident happened after i left uni for 6 months. I haven recalculate what are the dissatisfactions i encountered during my uni time!

I recap some of the issue:

1) Horrible Canteen Food (Year 1, 2005)

2) Horrible Cement work-cracks on floor and walls, even stairs. UTAR is such a HOLEy place (2005-2008)

3) No hall, events are done outdoor or in canteen (2005-2008)

4) Lecture halls are separated into 2, causing the screen to senget one side (2007-2008), DK 2 and DK4.

5) Lack of parking spaces

6) Small labs

7) Admin bad behaviour (heard its the best amongst other faculty, dunno true or not)

Its so late and tired to think of it. I rest my case here.

*Note: I am not a victim of the car sticker issue, just helping some victims to release their anger.


Im sorry i insulted those who thinks UTAR is a good place. Keep up the good work for being such an optimist.

Tuesday, January 13

I'm Pretty de, OK!


Addicted to editing photographs already. I was in Subang Parade for dinner today, and TianChad and Marccus keep wan edit my photo. OK, since ugly ady, and since got ppl volunteer to redesign my look, so i allow them to snap some photos for their editing. *i bet they spend sleepless nights after editing my photo* hiak hiak hiakz.

Anyways, i'm looking forward for the "all new" Nicole photo from Tian Chad. I'll post it here once i get them.

The Golden Globe Awards has just ended. I got my inspirations from some of the fabulous actress in Hollywood!

Below are some of my 'creations'. Have fun laughing!

Look Alike ma? *shy*

Glamourous Angelina Jolie~ I mempersiasuehkan her saja..wakakaka

Who has the sexier look? ME or Drew Barrymore?




The fact that editing my own photo with the actresses looks can be scary, especially its midnight now. And despite playing with these software, ugliness of a person cannot be changed. *sad story*

Beauty is only skin deep. Although i keep complaining about how i look, i think Tian Chad and Marccus are more concern on my look than me myself. ahhaa..Its great to have friends that reminds you to take care of your skin more often, and have people who doesnt discriminate you no matter how you look!

Maybe because my brain goes haywire, therefore my looks will not affect my self esteem. I will be myself no matter what happens. =)

By the way, this is a serious question.. Which is better for me, Curly or Straight? Please leave comment ya!


Goodnite guys and babes!

<3 Nicole

Friday, January 9

Aiyorrr..Headache laaa

Hello babes and dudes,
Ya i did not upload my pics. Well lately, i cannot do anything with my blog because the seniors are around. Maybe because all waiting for CNY to come by, all stay at office do paper work..Then how i wan update blog leh??
To cut the long story short... I decided to use some CNY money to spend on my skin~ ^^ Finally~Because I'm a very "hao sun" (fillial) niece, i supported my aunty and purchase from her the Mary Kay skin care acne solution...Fuh youh..if really no solution, i think i can suicide die liao..
So, members of the internet, followers of my blog, i introduce you...

*Jeng Jeng Jeng~Claps Hand*

*Audience gasped*


*someone exclaimed!*

Unknown: Nicole, u become so pretty le?

dotz dotz dotz... HAHA, i SS (syiok sendiri).. That one is the model, not me la, if i become so pretty, i will swallow the most geli'est thing in life... the "kuku" (penis shaped) lobak/carrot/ dunoo what herb.. (please refer to Jian for more info on the kuku shaped thingy)

According to the above statement:-

Acne Sufferers Take Note: Help May Be Just Days Away
OK..i had my help. When can I be pretty? This help pretty expensive lor!!

In just 3 days*, the appearance of acne-prone skin will improve

3 Days! Serious? No improve how? ... I got no camera now, else i snap and then u all decide whether got improve or not! Nevermind, Monday weiseong come back to kl, he will comment de la..Ok bo?

There's 3 easy steps to have acne free skin.

No. 1

It is fragrant free, non-foaming, no stinging to my already bloody face. I would prefer if it had some smell though. Coz i love things with nice and pleasant smell, so that i more "rajin cuci muka" (hardworking to wash face).

Score: 6/10
No 2.

Kudos to this serum. Among all brands that i had tried, i can say i like this the most. Mainly because, it is concentrated, but non-sticky/greasy. It feels yucky to have an oily/greasy serum that when you apply it at night, and go to bed, u can imagine all the serum absorbed into my "Chao Chao pillow" (smelly smelly pillow)! With this Mary Kay serum, a small amount is needed only, and it is not greasy plus it dries quite fast.

Score: 8/10

No 3.

This is the spot solution. For my case, it should be renamed to FACE solution. My whole face is spotty, so i guess it doesnt make any sense for me to spend my time making polka dots on my face. So i just apply the whole thing on. HAHA..Because my face is all filled with dots, so i still do not see the effect of this product. Oh ya, the critical point is this cream smells deliciously nice. I feel like licking it instead! I do not know what smell it is, smells like passion fruit! So i passionately apply on my face.. *winks*

Score: 8/10

Total $$ used to buy: Suppose is RM 220, but i got discount la.HAHAH.. (p/s: i trader in MapleStory ma, so must get bargain prices de)...*smiles*

By the way,

Those who are free, and wanna know what is Mary Kay all about, please visit their website:

Since nobody in office today, so i decided to give it a try:-

First step is must login..

Once you signed up, you can upload ur photo. I dun have photo in my office computer! RWAR!!

I had no choice but to use blurred photographs(which is not advisable)

Haha, i using this photo for my presentation at Singapore on 16th. (note: Sorry Ange, gotta cut you away!)

Ok... I recommend all of you to get a crystal clear pic and play with this software. Damn funny!!!

Wan see my results?

SWEE BO? Walau...I look like "ru hua" hahahahahahaha.. But quite innovative software. Try it ba when you free!

Best of all, you can even choose your hair, hair colour and so forth..Look I'm a sexy babe~

Ok, i had a fun time building this image. HAHAHA..

The final outcome:-

ROFL~! Dont run when u see me like this in future!
*NOTE: I would like to see guys doing this. Please let me know if any guys played this thing.
<3 Nicole

Monday, January 5

*~* What Have I Been Doing Lately*~*

Hello all my precious readers,

I'm back...

Lately i received several complains, on the lack of blogging activities. You see, because of this and that i had been really occupied during my whole month of December.

Chronography of Events (December'08)

1-7 December --> Work DAMN hard to achieve my Insurance target
8-14 December--> Work DAMN hard to achieve my Office target
15-16 December --> Work + Play with Cousin who came back from Australia
17 December--> My PApa's Bday..But unable to celebrate with him coz its on the weekday.
18-22 December--> WOrk+Holiday with my Unit Trust Manager
23-26 December--> Completing all the accounts documentation, i made alot of careless mistakes throughout this period
27 December--> Business Planning for ING Insurance.
27-29December--> Back to Ipoh to celebrate papa's bday. Went to Setiawan to eat Seafood.
30-1st January--> Work and complete documentation
3-4 January--> Business Planning for KL Lion Group.


Listing down this chronology of events is also a tiring task!

I predict January will be as busy as December. My parents are nagging for me to get an uplifting in image. And this tallies with my aim after attending so many business plannings. I need to look and be professional.

Hereby, i deeply apologise to my clients and policy holders for neglecting their needs for the whole month. I promise you guys a meal =)

It's kinda late now. I shall upload latest pics that i have tomorrow.

Hope you liked the new header.

Muackz all

Love you guys and girls

Nicole <3