Friday, December 19

Nicole's Final Xmas Wish~ <3

Dear Santa,

What's the point of a person getting all the best things in the world, and yet in fact it's just like an empty shell?

i know that all my previous posts are just crapz of stuff i copied and pasted from the internet, and deep down, though those items are very seductive to me, i still wouldnt be able to get it for myself.

Hollow isnt it?

i'm a lucky girl, borned in a lucky family, and im blessed with wonderful people around me.

What i want for Christmas is actually below:

1. Earn more money, so that,

2. I can go home more often, so that,

3. Can spend more time with my family, by,

4. Bringing them for nice dinner once in a while, and,

5. Treat them for a holiday, and

5. Release them from financial burdens

6. Do more part time, because

7. Want to get a better place to stay,

8. Pay off my car loans,

9. Save money for future,

10. Get a good handbag that doesnt go spoil every 3 months.

11. Get a tyre wheel cap for my cute Viva

12. Get myself a laptop fan

13. Reward myself with Chili's Tostada Chips.

14. Present Jian a brand new working shoes, and,

15. A new pair of sport shoes for Jian and myself,

16. Get a watch for both of us as well,

17. Buy new year clothes for Wern, Mummy and Papa

18. Buy something for Uncle and Aunty

19. Sleep well everynight without needing to worry about how things will go tomorrow

20. Everyone stay strong and healthy

21. I need to be strong and healthy as well

22. Be happy everyday...

This is the real Xmas wish..I used just 10 mins to complete it. Because, this is what i want... =)

Will all my dreams come true?

It's not up to you, Santa, but it's up to myself.

It feels weird writing to an imaginary Santa, knowing that he does not exists, and the fact that im not christian as well. But it feels good to have someone listen, someone reading this..Without objections, and people telling you "SIao AH"...

HAha..maybe im going cuckoo as well.

Anyways, i think i will not have the time to update my blog as often as previously. I lost aim of something, and I'm confused over the other things.

Dont treat me as though i have cancer or anything. I will always be the cheerful me. =)

Last but not least,

Merry Christmas to All of You ~!

God Bless.

Deepest Love,



cklim said...

dun worry..can fullfill

TianChad田七 said...

Nowish for being preetier? ;p

sUsAn said...

Wish u can fulfill all..:P

Anonymous said...

keke, may be u should let uncle santa know ur bank account number. So that he can transfer money to u as well. wakaka

Merry Christmas~~

大頭 said...

Me got present bo XD

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

got~ wait i go wangsa treat u makan k >> Patrick di di

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...
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MsXeRoZ Nicole said...
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