Tuesday, December 16

Nicole's Christmas Wish Episode 5

And the list continues with~
The World's Most Wacky House, also the Most expensive, Also haven been completed =)
Can i live in it???

Please, Santa~!

Item No. 15
The Antillia

The 27-storey house, which is expected to be completed in January 2009, will cost a staggering $2 billion. Once finished, the gigantic building will offer a total interior space of over 400,000 feet, more than 100 times an average-size bungalow house does.

Called the Antillia, the high-rise home will come with expensive and most luxurious facilities that include 6-storey parking lots, 4-storey garden, nine elevators, crystal covered ballroom, state-of-the-art health center, ice room, and glorious entertaining space.
The architects and designers, who are team members behind the Mandarin Oriental hotels, design and build the house as they go, and making alteration to the creation as the building is constructed.

To be Continued....

*Senior come back le*




大頭 said...

eh, tat the house i was dream to have one!!!

cklim said...

wow..you have some many things wanna get frm santa