Tuesday, December 16

Nicole's Christmas Wish Episode 4


I'm running out of time. I will be very busy for days and weeks to come, so i decided to upload as many post as i can to be in time for Dec 25. Else, how can Santa deliver all my gifts?!
Item no. 18.

World's Most Expensive Arm Candy~ Fendi Bag!!!
I wAnt I WAntt!!!!
Cost: 21,617 euros--> Euro 21617 + Euro 1000 (transport +insurance) x 4.913

RM 111,117.32 ONLY~!!

My handbag~
Brand: Jonker
Origin: Jonker Walk Melaka
Price: RM25 - discount=RM22

Used for: 1 year ady!

*waa Pianggg*

Item no. 17

Bottega Veneta
I waNNN...I WANnttt!!~~

The snakeskin on this shoe transforms it from an everyday staple to the prima donna of your shoe rack. It comes from Bottega Veneta's Fall/Winter 2005/06 collection, and the roomy toe, ankle strap and graceful heel make this one star worth the investment.

$1,140.00--> $1,140.00 + $500(Transport and Insurance) x 3.595

RM 5,895.80

My "Nightmare Before Christmas" Slipper

Origin: Summit, USJ

Price: RM10

Used for: 6 Months!

Item No. 16
Wise men say, 1 pair of shoe is always not enough!~
Gucci Shoes,

$995-->$995+$450 (Transport + Insurance) x 3.595


My Mr.Bean Slipper

Origin: Second Hand, once belong to Wernie~

Bought at Pasar Malam Taman Connaught.

Price: RM10

Thats why you need get me the items that i want, ya Santa...You better get shopping now~




Anonymous said...

nic, if u are asking santa to give u those gifts?
how bout ours? (all of ur frens!)
u must think of us too la... XOXOXO

santa, i wana claim my presents toooo........ hehe

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

ish.. u make ur list urself. i help u post XD