Monday, November 3

Tea Lover Cafe

HEy guys and gals!!!

It has been a week since my last post about Sex and our body? So have anyone tried the secret remedy to youthful and pimple free body? I dont mind you guys sharing with me. (LOL)

Recalling those days, I felt that I'm blessed by God. I was blessed to be having a simple work in Bandar Puteri, the heaven of food. For lunch, me and my officemates will never go to the same restaurant more than twice! We always go for new restaurants, and try on new food.

One day, we found this restaurant, called "TEA LOVERS CAFE". It is established recently, and i find it quite attractive inside this restaurant.

I truly apologize because I have not taken photos of the exterior and the interior of the restaurant. Therefore, i am unable to share with my viewers the ambience in it. Actually, i wasnt planning of writing a food blog, but as I go along, i realised that i have so much to share with all of you.

Rose Tea

As the restaurant is very new, i find that the plates, spoon and glasses are very clean! Kudos to a clean restaurant!

The food i had was nice..I enjoyed my black pepper fried udon.

Wei Seong had curry chicken rice. Looks nice! Bet it tasted good!

Tian chad had a special rice dish, where the chicken slices are hidden under the rice! The chicken must be "shy"...Kyuuu

Cindy ate a simple spaghetti. She claimed that it's not salty.

Had a great time there~! Hope to have more great meals to come!



The M said...

map map~ haha, have to show ppl how to go ma.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

hoyo! my map skills suckz one neh,...