Monday, November 24

Ruined Monday Morning!!

Woke up at 7.45am,

prepared myself to work...

got everything in the car, and vroom Vroom i go..

was at the junction.. heard Priscilla Patrick's news " At the MRR2, there's an overturned car reported earlier, and traffic has been at a crawl. The car has not been clear. For those who are travelling the Kesas, there will be a delay to work."


I tot of making a call to office and let them know i take half day leave. Mana tau, never bring my handphone out. So, no choice, die die also need to go work today.

When i reached the MRR2, yeah, like expected..jam..I almost crashed into another car. wahaha..nevermind..i keep telling myself. "Nicole, u didnt bring phone, dont make any mistakes, nobody here to save u"..And the thought of me, being in an accident, in the jam makes me feel damn pathetic. Drive 20km/j also can accident really sia suey leh.. So i decided to be more alert.

Just as i finished talking to myself. Ka Dong!! Side car accident.. ZZZZZ
i didnt cock stare at the fella, coz i feel that the fella damn frus now. So i go on driving, erm..crawling..

I told myself, "Hey, at least the cars are moving"..Hope theres no ambulance or tragic accident front there..

The death God (Shinigami) must have been riding in my car. Just 5 seconds later, i heard a siren.. EEEEE OOO EEEE OOOO...zzz ambulance on the way. Wah..death god so ugly de. Hey, can i have a substitute Death God please?

Now thats better!

As a good citizen, i drive to the sides (until makan peoples road), then let the ambulance pass by.. Then, i do not want to think anything else..

The conclusion is.. I took almost 2 hours to reach office! BRAVO!

sit bicycle also can reach faster!

this is how i look when i stepped into the office:



Anonymous said...

sorry to dissapoint u but u everyday oso looks like the monkey in the last pic ;)

TianChad田七 said...

Monkey drive safe ;p

The M said...

i din see a monyet pic de?

sUsAn said...

hehe..NExt time mus remember ur hp..Take care. my fren...awaz be careful and safe in the journey..:P