Saturday, November 8

Quantum of Solace...

Last night was a tedious night for me. After work, I rushed home while Marccus went to pick TianChad, and we met up for dinner at Bliss 33 Cafe at USJ 2.

After sitting and chatting, we decided to catch a movie in Summit USJ, which is a stone's throw from my house. The traffic was so bad, even worse than from bumper to bumper, that we decided to park under the tree and use the pedestrian bridge to cross over to Summit.

We went to GSC, and found that! Tickets are all full for showtimes 8.00,9.00 and 9.45pm. No choice, we go on and took the empty seats on the 5th row from screen.

The movie of our choice:-
None other than....

Basically the story is about

LOL..Ok, the font is too small, i shall summarize it.

The movie began with a action packed car chasing scenes, and shooting and kaboom between Bond and the baddie. Then there was a lengthy opening song, which shows alot of sands and desert (the song is quite boring though). The whole movie tells about Bond's quest to understand and seek revenge for the Woman that he loved, and who he thought had betrayed her. There's also a secret organization which has members everywhere, even in MI6 itself. Bond needs to find out what type of secret organization it is, and involved in those kick-ass action! For more details, go watch 007 in your nearest cinema today!

I was particularly curious with the title "Quantum of Solace". So i did my homework:-

So when you chain the both words..
"Quantum of Solace"~~~The Quantity Of Sorrow
It can also mean ~~~A Specified Amount of Comfort.

But the translated title in Malay was "Ketenangan Di Dunia Penuh Kesengsaraan"
Me and Wern were laughing because such a simple title can sound so dramatic!

But yes, Dunia can be penuh kesengsaraan if we do not take a leaf out of this movie. I believe that this movie conveys to us the message that:

Despite the world is having fossil energy depletion, we should not also take for granted the shortage of water which is experienced by people out there. Without fossil energy, we will not die, but without water, we will die. Appreciate and learn how to save and safe the environment.

My name is Bond, James Bond!

Every villian has a ugly looking side kick!

But Bond has two sexy babes accompanying him..
Here's one..

And here's the other

WTF! Serious ah?
After make up, I look like this, kenot meh???

Bond, Baddie and Sexy Babes!

Here's a wallpaper for you Bond's fans..

After the movie, We went exploring Summit in the dark and the security guard had to come rescue us to let us go out. After getting out, i realised that, I left my handbag inside the cinema!!! We all ran up with the speed of 10km/j and luckily, the cinema crew kept my handbag! T_T.. Thank you those who helped me keep my bag, and to those who accompanied me run up stairs!

Movie Ratings: 7/10
Cinema Ratings: 5/10 (for comfortness), but because they kept my handbag (10/10 is given)
Cinema location: Summit, USJ
Food and Beverages Ratings: 6/10 (Ice Lemon Tea)
Ticket price: RM9.00
Value: WOrth the RM9.00! =)
Ok, I'll be away for dinner..

Nicole <3


Anonymous said...

i nearly terkencing 2 titis when i nampak the photo of the 2nd Bond's sexy babe...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Because dun have me as the sexy babe, this bond not so nice to see ma. If got me, sure kalahkan batman punya record.LoL!