Tuesday, November 18

Najib Ohh Najib... (Who is Najib? Ohh..THAT guy)


I don't want to comment on politics and how Malaysia is being run by those birds. But, i can't resist the temptation to voice out my..erm..."concerns".

Did you realise that everything comes in a package? For instance, when you drink nescafe, it is packaged in "3in1".

Wei Seong, Wan drink Nescafe ma?

Even, digi, celcom and maxis the telco giants have packages for us...

I will follow you~

It this whole "package" trend has already invaded our criminal minds of the society. We used to decribe some bad incidents as: rob, rape, murder, kidnap.

Then, now we can describe it as, rob ONLY, rape ONLY, MURDER ONLY, and KIDNAP ONLY.

When the "package" trend came, it is quite common to see:
Package A: " ROB, then RAPE, then MURDER"
Package B: "KIDNAP, then RAPE, then ROB, then MURDER"
and the list goes on.

Question arise:

The Answer: THE whole police force in Malaysia are spending their precious time hunting the head of my Beloved Raja Petra Kamaruddin. (to ask the recipe of such cute baldness)
*Note: The Star knows I'm saying bad things of the Policemen. Read this news: Don't Condemn Our Cops

Hey Hey you you..i dont like your GirlFriend

And our So-Dearly-Very-Very Much- beloved Deputy Prime Minister, Najib if not mistaken..quoted this:

KUALA LUMPUR: There is no need to have an acting Prime Minister in the absence of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak who will be overseas for a few days.
“I think it will be all right,” Najib said and added light-heartedly, “It is the mark of a stable nation”.

WAHLAU..*CHEERS* (Clap Hands) We so stable until we didn't realise hor? I later go buy Champagne and celebrate for being so stable! Lai we go Eee Ohh (pronounced as "yi oh") to celebrate our country stability!!!

DAMN! I seriously don't know whether he is being optimistic or just plain stupid! First, when he took over the Finance Minister portfolio, He said that, Malaysia is immune to the global crisis. My foot!

If we are so stable, so RICH, so GENG..then WHY tell me WHy my monthly salary is just a PATHETIC RM 1,xxx.xx? (so angry until reveal salary...)

Then not long ago, he introduced the side-plan of Budget 2009 by saying that we can stimulate growth of 230Billion with only 7billion! I seriously would like to see it work..Geng hor..Our minister very si bei cleber one. From Defence to Finance...all also can.

Then last 2 weeks, he proposes EPF contributions to be reduced from 11% to 8% because we have SURPLUS OF RETIREMENT FUNDS.

WAHLAU...i don't even have SURPLUS of this month's salary. How can i have surplus of retirement? (unless, im under the category of Hardcore POOR, which i seriously think I AM!)

STRESS LA..You all not stress meh? Where's our Prime Minister when we need him the most?

Oh..Sorry ya, kacau you tidur...Ampun Ampun..



Remarks: All photos in this posting is taken from elsewhere. Thanks to those who share their photos.


Jack said...

Lol, very funny.
Najib is going to be PM soon, Malaysia wan dan le la.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

lols.. thanks J1 for the comment!

drop by always ya!

The M said...

the joker duo of M'sia.
really "proud" of them!

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

if najib becum the Pm, i'm goin to immigrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

haha...i also wish i can migrate to somewhere else.

how can we have a kuku PM man..

wen ni said...

These politicians are thinking we Malaysian should be proud of them, because even the financial crisis that made so many countries nearly bankcrupt, our dearest Malaysia still so stable hor.. Wow, all the americans shd migrate to Malaysia lor.

sUsAn said...

haha..Nicole seems so geram..I also not satisfied with the policeman attitudes..haiz..Not safe live in malaysia..I wan safe and peace place to live..:(

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

WOw..so many feedback from readers! Yea..honestly, Malaysia is becoming one of the lousiest place to live already.

The politicians thinks they are playing "The Sims" where all the rakyat are the people who they can control. They made themselves God and want us to worship them.

How can we grow and live peacefully like this? all bunch of Jokers.

TianChad田七 said...

[dialog with th3 c@t]
Ready to immigrate then ;p
There is big probability that he will be the next PM...

The 9th comment ;p
Boring too haha

大頭 said...

Jie u now can be the news reporter, because u post this then i oni know wat he said. I now langsung wat the hell is going on in Malaysia. Never diu wat they doing, but i know they are sucks.