Wednesday, November 26

Let's Get Together (Aftermath of Event)

The Best Change Often Starts With a Simple Wishful Dreams

Here's a brief blogger coverage on the gathering.

The participants are:-
Samantha Look
Clement Lim
Nicole Chua
Marccus Low
JieJie Chen (LOL!, Tian Chad)>>English name more glamour ma..
Ange Tan
MunMun Chan
YengYeng Chan
KaiKai Liang (YeeKai)
SanSan Lee (PickSan, hehe)

The gathering supposed to start at 9.00pm. Me, Ange, Marccus were together at Bandar Puteri. Then,at 8.4xpm we went to fetch Jiejie.

Mana zai, from Puchong to Sri Petaling, take almost 1 hour plus to reach. Coz our "PRO" driver, wan use short cut through all the tamans tamans (gardens gardens). Then when reach Clement's house, sesat, no petrol..then back to Bukit Jalil to find BHP, then..Luckily...

The...Handsome...Extraordinary...Clement come to Rescue..(Jeng Jeng Jeng.....)

Off Off we go!!!!

On the way to our destination, we received a phonecall from Hero Clement. oH NO!..What happened?

*Marccus forget to on car light*

Wahahahahahahaha...Hero Clement to the rescue again!

At 10.00pm, we went to this cafe, it was drizzling, and my stomach was unwell..i forgot to see which cafe is it..

Updated le..Thanks JieJie Chen for pics

Ok..for the rest of day's event. It's up for me to know, and up for you to imagine. (Catch us more at facebook, and others' blogs)

We will definitely organize another gathering soon.

Thanks to all who came. Glad to keep in touch with you guys, and even happier to see that all are well. Keep in touch ya!

*will upload photos soon*


Here are the photos:
Ange and Me, At my Office

MunMun & JieJie


YengYeng, Ange & JieJie

MunMun getting prettier..and prettier =)

Samantha & PickSan

YeeKai, Ange and Samantha

All of us =)

Nicole <3>


sUsAn said...

So nice..:P

Anonymous said...

CJ, our saviour....woo hoo

To Marrcus,,, aihz,, no comment
sia suey kan aje

Anonymous said...

wakaka, why put hui san name Samantha de?

and for sure for this orang jahat expose everything not good about me -_-||

TianChad田七 said...

JieJie Chen
Oh no...

Anyway, fast + nice update ;p

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


If got baik one..sure i will post about you.. Dont worry. i make one post specially for mai?

cklim said...

so envy, no should say jealous...i must be there nxt time, perhaps in the coming+coming CNY..hehe

cklim said... shud make a post show your dedication to wei what yee kai did for me last time..hehe