Tuesday, November 11

KFC getting more and more irrelevant!

Woke up quite early today and i saw this on the e-news.

Stunned, Speechless and... =.="

Do you see what i see?

I see a lady taking a two very distinctively different food (one is the pic, one is the real food). So, does this newly launched HotRod looks appetising to you?


WHy oh Why!

It suppose to look like cute little chunks of spicy chicken, all assembled into "satay looking" type of delicacy. But WTF, it sure looked like a MASSIVE chunk of chicken meat (probably from previous days leftovers). Even the satay stick looks crispy to me! (Can it withstand the weight of the meat?)

Can we complain to the Consumers Dept, the food that is displayed look totally different than those depict in the pictures? and the Funny part is, they dare advertise it as this! GOSH!!!

From the papers, it is written that KFC HotRods targets youngsters who is always on the go! and HotRods will help boost kfc business by 10%. (LOL)

this photo is taken from KW, a cute blogger with puppy pic.(http://field-of-stars.blogspot.com)

Doesn't it look pathetic? But KW says it tasted good. I do not want or wish to participate in any testing of this food. So, for you who is more adventurous, please feel free to drop me a note whether this food is good and worth the money.

I still love my KFC uncle:

And i definitely love my Original Recipe!


sUsAn said...

I tried it before.. Quite nice la.. RM 4.00 for two sticks..haha..The chicken was soft when bite on it.. Besides that, the chicken not look like satay and it was in a bunch..:(

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


Thanks Susan for sharing. RM4.00 for two sticks seems quite ok.

(But 1 plate of chicken rice in Puchong costs only RM3.80)

Can it make us full by eating 2 sticks?

sUsAn said...

Cannot full by eating 2 sticks.haha..better eat chicken rice..

The M said...

yer.. KFC being annotate liao.. (is it the annotate mean change?)

later dono got chic n chop, hainanese kfc, tom yam sambal kfc chop chop,..

hmm.. may be hokkien mee and char koay tiao chop chop? keke

cklim said...

T_T, wawawa...i want to eat, here hardly find kfc, and mc D, cos they're US's brand, only can locate them at big shopping complex,,..very cham...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


The Menu in KFC changes even faster than our political situation. I think before we have a new PM, We will have the following menus:

1. Old Town KFC
2. Ball-shaped potato wedges
3. Asam Laksa Flavoured Fried Chicken
3. Chou Tou Fu KFC (taufu busuk)
4. Chee Cheong Fun KFC

1. Susu Ibu (Fresh)

LOL! This is the benefits of Malaysia that you all cant find.