Monday, November 3

HOIYO!!! Why Like This!!!

I would like to confess my love for my one and only car, Viva...

AGL stands for A Gorgeous Lady --> Referring to the owner lah!

Everytime i service my Viva, got hidden charges one!

They even counted in 2 units of shampoo for back and front!

RM160.00!!! Siao Ah! Normal Service only!

The moral of the story is, Some mad scientist should invent a metallic paint which is anti scratch! Then i no need so kek sim!


The M said...

wa... memang jaga gao gao ni.
the scratches i think can use a Big plaster and paste on it. Add the Cuteness of ur Viva.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Put big plaster. the plaster got Hello Kitty Pattern hor?

Good Idea!

But then later people tot i chi sin, then scratch more!

Anonymous said...

lai, let me scratch more on it... draw 1 pig picture there..
wahlao!! sure become more cute