Monday, November 10

For Non-Adults Only

Dear Marina,

I was overjoyed when i heard Pete was released. I was even glad to see the smile of triumph on your face.

You were strong for Pete, you were his everything. I know, I am always unable to share your pain, but I am definitely able to share your Joy!

Dear Pete,
You are every men's hero. With a keyboard, your words are as strong as Jet Li's kicks, and your blog I will deliciously read.

You can never be replaced!

*Note: No animals are harmed during the making of this blog.



Hurley said...

go be a politician! =P

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

LOL! cant believe u read this!

大頭 said...

xiao char bo doing xiao thing in office. macam sooooo relax nia every day....XD