Thursday, November 6

Farmland Porridge Steamboat, Puchong (Part I)

Its 12.05am when i start writing this blog.

For the first time, my sis, Wern went out with housemates. It feels kind of weird, coz i allowed her to drive my car out since it was too late and dangerous for 4 girls to walk outside. But, once the my cute Viva left the house compound, i was on the verge of worriness, thought pondering on which is more dangerous? Walking at midnight, or letting Wern drive my car?

Thinking of this blog takes my mind away. Today I'm going to introduce you, Farmland Porridge Steamboat!

But, before i begin, i would like to honestly inform all of my readers that we were more excited about eating than taking photographs of the food! LoL! (too bad ya!). So, forgive me for not being able to show seductive, mouth watering food.

Our day began at....
Wern was having her Global Music Carnival in Segi College, Subang, and she was selling Jellies during this carnival. Despite there were many remaining Jellies, my cool friends supported by dropping by to Segi College!

I would like to thank:-(following photo order from left to right)
Tian Chad,
Wei Seong @ Marccus Low
Ange (photographs were courtesy of Ange Tan)
and ME!
*not to forget photographer, MR. Soon Zi Jian <3 href="">
Answer: 1. We look prettier and more handsome outside =D

Here's a proof of the inside environment. Less handsome right?
(Runnnnnn.....*will kena from Tian Chad and Wei Seong*

After hanging around outside of Segi College, our stomach sensor began beeping!
*Peee Pooo Peeee Poohh...Peee Poooo..Peeee...Pohhh*

Despite being hungry and energetic, all of us strongly believe in "Travel safe, Eat Safe, and Save Save"

Travel Safe= All car passengers, including back seaters have to put on safety belt
Eat Safe =Choose a restaurant which serve clean, healthy food.
Save Save=Always place a budget, and remember to carpool to Save your pocket and the environment!

It as 7 something when we reached Bandar Puteri. Then, we have one problem...


"Toss Coins!"said Wei Seong (Inspired from TwoFace from the movie Batman)


Here's our pot of porridge!

The most obvious benefits of having a steamboat is that we have sufficient time to snap photos of ourselves!

Ange was quite photogenic ya =)(those who agree, please post comment)

As for me, Im taking the fullest opportunity to "hiao"
My face seldom appear in blog ma, coz who wanna snap me?

So i continue "hiao.."
Now got photographer, so we need to take chance to Yum Seng before begin the meal...

Jian, I want...Can or not..Can la... Please.....Puhhleeeaaaseee...
(Sup Sup..Please....) Kyuuuuuu....

What i want? I wan bring home the Chilli...Very Ho Chiak!

Red Hot Chilli Peppers?
Se mo chilli?

This one lor! This chilli, if eat with fishball, really sedap..sweet sweet sour sour and lak lak..If not mistaken, eat with Pan Mee also Ho CHiak!!!!!!!!!!
*Sluuuurrrpp* (Saliva dripping)

*gone to take bowl to contain my dripping saliva*

OK..I drink the chilli!

Burppp...still got balance..So I tarpau it...

It is another advantage of having a large handbag that can functions like Doraemon's Pocket Suka Hati.

Hey...Wait Wait...Dont dial 999 first la. I didn't curi the bowl of chili lah..Jian say, " If u bring the chilli back, I dont bring u home".. So i guai guai put the chilli back on table lor...

Hohoho..Selepas makan, must take group photo ma!

*TO Be COntInuEd*

I know..many of you will ask, WHere's the FOOD?
SOrry to say, its all in our stomach! I will find the photos of the food that we ate and keep you updated!

YAWN~~It's 1.02am and Wern safely return home. So i go to sleep le..Nitez all



Anonymous said...

apa maksud... i drive hebat ok.. i even make an U-turn with four pairs of eyes looking at me.. i pun rasa stress dah..

cklim said...

Ange tak sabar-sabar nak makan, nicole pula "hiao" until tak payah makan..haha

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

CK.. janganlah terus terang.. Malu saya!

Anonymous said...

did i said something like that?
can't recall any...

The M said...

wakaka, tamak ni, chili pun mao ambil balik, keke.
some more who say inside less leng cai, hoiyo.
lagi yeng ler, keke

Anonymous said...

hmmmm die la,,sudah pecah tembelang ady...
ck's fault,,,

Anonymous said...
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Jobless Girl said...

For me I woundnt take porridge steamboat. It is sticky.

Unknown said...

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