Monday, November 3

Dinner at Nong and Jimmy

Hihi...Last Weekend, something good happened. The God of Good Food approached me and sprinkled me with his good food charm! Thanks to him, i had a wonderful dinner with Jian and his parents!

Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood place is a nice, but quite warm place located in Pandan Cahaya, Ampang. When we were seated, we ordered Mango salad, Tomyam, Grilled sotong, Grilled Crab, Seafood Tofu, Thai fried rice, and "western herbal tea"~Guai Lou Liong Cha.

As i mentioned earlier, i'm a bad photographer. Furthermore, with all the mouthwatering food in front of me, how can you blame me for not taking enough photos!!! I cant resist the temptation of good food!

The plates are already semi-empty when i took this photo...


We were darn full when Jian started making 'stunt'...

*NOTE: Coconut flesh dip with tom yum actually quite delicious! Somehow like celup roti canai..



The M said...

map map~ nicole, draw map~~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

OKOK..i will upload the map soon

大頭 said...

i wan go tooo
eat eat eat eat aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!