Wednesday, November 26

Let's Get Together (Aftermath of Event)

The Best Change Often Starts With a Simple Wishful Dreams

Here's a brief blogger coverage on the gathering.

The participants are:-
Samantha Look
Clement Lim
Nicole Chua
Marccus Low
JieJie Chen (LOL!, Tian Chad)>>English name more glamour ma..
Ange Tan
MunMun Chan
YengYeng Chan
KaiKai Liang (YeeKai)
SanSan Lee (PickSan, hehe)

The gathering supposed to start at 9.00pm. Me, Ange, Marccus were together at Bandar Puteri. Then,at 8.4xpm we went to fetch Jiejie.

Mana zai, from Puchong to Sri Petaling, take almost 1 hour plus to reach. Coz our "PRO" driver, wan use short cut through all the tamans tamans (gardens gardens). Then when reach Clement's house, sesat, no petrol..then back to Bukit Jalil to find BHP, then..Luckily...

The...Handsome...Extraordinary...Clement come to Rescue..(Jeng Jeng Jeng.....)

Off Off we go!!!!

On the way to our destination, we received a phonecall from Hero Clement. oH NO!..What happened?

*Marccus forget to on car light*

Wahahahahahahaha...Hero Clement to the rescue again!

At 10.00pm, we went to this cafe, it was drizzling, and my stomach was unwell..i forgot to see which cafe is it..

Updated le..Thanks JieJie Chen for pics

Ok..for the rest of day's event. It's up for me to know, and up for you to imagine. (Catch us more at facebook, and others' blogs)

We will definitely organize another gathering soon.

Thanks to all who came. Glad to keep in touch with you guys, and even happier to see that all are well. Keep in touch ya!

*will upload photos soon*


Here are the photos:
Ange and Me, At my Office

MunMun & JieJie


YengYeng, Ange & JieJie

MunMun getting prettier..and prettier =)

Samantha & PickSan

YeeKai, Ange and Samantha

All of us =)

Nicole <3>

Tuesday, November 25

Congratulations Michelle! Muackz Muackz

This post is specially dedicated to one of my favorite actress, Michelle Reis.
I admired her looks, she looked even younger than me. T_T

(draw circles on walls)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Michelle Reis Marries Julian Hui

Following a very public two-year courtship, Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) married business tycoon Julian Hui (許晉亨) today in a private ceremony held at the Hui family home in Shek O.

The bride, 38, was collected from her home in Jardine's Lookout by the groom, 46, and his entourage at around midday and their silver-grey Rolls Royce was protected from the pursuing press by over 20 security guards as it sped towards the Hui family's mega-mansion. There were some precarious moments as the bridal car tried to avoid the press by jumping red lights and when reporters leaned out of windows to try and capture glimpses of the couple.

Throughout the journey, Michelle was seen to be smiling sweetly and holding onto Julian's hand.

When they arrived at their destination, there was some chaos as press scuffled with security and one of Michelle's assistants and some reporters were knocked onto the floor in the ruckus. Once safely inside, the couple happily posed for photographs with their guests on the lawn as they waited for the arrival of their parents for the main ceremony.

A spokeswoman for the couple appeared after the wedding at 5:45 pm to hand out lucky packets, containing HK$1000 to the waiting press and make an official statement. She said that Michelle and Julian have been married in a non-religious civil ceremony presided over by a registrar and they expressed their thanks to the concern and attention that everyone has paid them. The spokeswoman said that the short ceremony lasted just 20 minutes and their first kiss as Mr and Mrs Hui was 20 seconds long. She revealed that they were both moved to tears when they signed the marriage documents.

The statement also confirmed that Michelle had four outfits for her wedding day and their wedding rings were specially designed by the couple.
The couple's representative said that she could not reveal that weight of the rings, but did confirm that the total cost of the wedding was over HK$100 million. She added that following the day event, there will be a Western-style evening reception and among the dishes on the menu were truffles and caviar.


She looked stunning! Still liked her so much~ <3

I wish her best of luck and have an everlasting marriage.

Nicole <3

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Monday, November 24

Ruined Monday Morning!!

Woke up at 7.45am,

prepared myself to work...

got everything in the car, and vroom Vroom i go..

was at the junction.. heard Priscilla Patrick's news " At the MRR2, there's an overturned car reported earlier, and traffic has been at a crawl. The car has not been clear. For those who are travelling the Kesas, there will be a delay to work."


I tot of making a call to office and let them know i take half day leave. Mana tau, never bring my handphone out. So, no choice, die die also need to go work today.

When i reached the MRR2, yeah, like expected..jam..I almost crashed into another car. wahaha..nevermind..i keep telling myself. "Nicole, u didnt bring phone, dont make any mistakes, nobody here to save u"..And the thought of me, being in an accident, in the jam makes me feel damn pathetic. Drive 20km/j also can accident really sia suey leh.. So i decided to be more alert.

Just as i finished talking to myself. Ka Dong!! Side car accident.. ZZZZZ
i didnt cock stare at the fella, coz i feel that the fella damn frus now. So i go on driving, erm..crawling..

I told myself, "Hey, at least the cars are moving"..Hope theres no ambulance or tragic accident front there..

The death God (Shinigami) must have been riding in my car. Just 5 seconds later, i heard a siren.. EEEEE OOO EEEE OOOO...zzz ambulance on the way. Wah..death god so ugly de. Hey, can i have a substitute Death God please?

Now thats better!

As a good citizen, i drive to the sides (until makan peoples road), then let the ambulance pass by.. Then, i do not want to think anything else..

The conclusion is.. I took almost 2 hours to reach office! BRAVO!

sit bicycle also can reach faster!

this is how i look when i stepped into the office:


Tuesday, November 18

Najib Ohh Najib... (Who is Najib? Ohh..THAT guy)


I don't want to comment on politics and how Malaysia is being run by those birds. But, i can't resist the temptation to voice out my..erm..."concerns".

Did you realise that everything comes in a package? For instance, when you drink nescafe, it is packaged in "3in1".

Wei Seong, Wan drink Nescafe ma?

Even, digi, celcom and maxis the telco giants have packages for us...

I will follow you~

It this whole "package" trend has already invaded our criminal minds of the society. We used to decribe some bad incidents as: rob, rape, murder, kidnap.

Then, now we can describe it as, rob ONLY, rape ONLY, MURDER ONLY, and KIDNAP ONLY.

When the "package" trend came, it is quite common to see:
Package A: " ROB, then RAPE, then MURDER"
Package B: "KIDNAP, then RAPE, then ROB, then MURDER"
and the list goes on.

Question arise:

The Answer: THE whole police force in Malaysia are spending their precious time hunting the head of my Beloved Raja Petra Kamaruddin. (to ask the recipe of such cute baldness)
*Note: The Star knows I'm saying bad things of the Policemen. Read this news: Don't Condemn Our Cops

Hey Hey you you..i dont like your GirlFriend

And our So-Dearly-Very-Very Much- beloved Deputy Prime Minister, Najib if not mistaken..quoted this:

KUALA LUMPUR: There is no need to have an acting Prime Minister in the absence of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak who will be overseas for a few days.
“I think it will be all right,” Najib said and added light-heartedly, “It is the mark of a stable nation”.

WAHLAU..*CHEERS* (Clap Hands) We so stable until we didn't realise hor? I later go buy Champagne and celebrate for being so stable! Lai we go Eee Ohh (pronounced as "yi oh") to celebrate our country stability!!!

DAMN! I seriously don't know whether he is being optimistic or just plain stupid! First, when he took over the Finance Minister portfolio, He said that, Malaysia is immune to the global crisis. My foot!

If we are so stable, so RICH, so GENG..then WHY tell me WHy my monthly salary is just a PATHETIC RM 1,xxx.xx? (so angry until reveal salary...)

Then not long ago, he introduced the side-plan of Budget 2009 by saying that we can stimulate growth of 230Billion with only 7billion! I seriously would like to see it work..Geng hor..Our minister very si bei cleber one. From Defence to Finance...all also can.

Then last 2 weeks, he proposes EPF contributions to be reduced from 11% to 8% because we have SURPLUS OF RETIREMENT FUNDS.

WAHLAU...i don't even have SURPLUS of this month's salary. How can i have surplus of retirement? (unless, im under the category of Hardcore POOR, which i seriously think I AM!)

STRESS LA..You all not stress meh? Where's our Prime Minister when we need him the most?

Oh..Sorry ya, kacau you tidur...Ampun Ampun..



Remarks: All photos in this posting is taken from elsewhere. Thanks to those who share their photos.


I was very happy when my eye caught the title " Discounts for PLUS and ELITE highway users" in the Star e-news.

The article as below:

Published: Tuesday November 18, 2008 MYT 3:23:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday November 18, 2008 MYT 7:40:28 PM
Discounts for PLUS and ELITE highway users

KUALA LUMPUR: From Jan 1, PLUS and ELITE highway users will enjoy a 10% discount on toll rates between midnight and 7am.

For instance, those who are travelling from the Jalan Duta toll plaza to the Ipoh Selatan toll plaza will only pay RM23.80 compared to the current rate of RM26.50.

The discount is part of the PLUS Travel Incentive programme introduced by PLUS Expressways Berhad (PLUS) at the Works Ministry here on Tuesday.

According to PLUS managing director Noorizah Abd Hamid, the second incentive is an additional 10% toll discount between midnight and 7am on select six days during festive seasons such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas. The actual dates will be announced by PLUS prior to each festive season.

“This means a single way journey from the Jalan Duta toll plaza to the Ipoh Selatan toll plaza will cost users RM21.40 compared to the RM26.50,” she said.

The third incentive is called PLUS Loyalty Programme. Touch ‘n Go and SmartTag users who spend a minimum of RM200 monthly will enjoy a 5% rebate for their usage on PLUS and Elite highways.

The first and second incentive apply to Class 1 vehicles beginning Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2010.

Meanwhile, the Loyalty Programme is an ongoing programme to encourage the public to migrate to the electronic toll payment system from Jan 1.

Works Minister Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed, Deputy Secretary-General (Development) of the Works Ministry Datuk Dr Abdul Munit Kasmin and Malaysian Highway Authority director-general Datuk Mohamad Razali Othman were present at the event.


All hopes crashed~!

All dreams collapsed~!

There's only one word in my mind, and i'm gonna spell it out "WTF!!"

This whole plan is STUPID!.. Our government is being run by a bunch of Monkeys? or all $0h41s?

WHats the point of announcing the discount of 10% when we have to travel between 12am to 7am?

Are they encouraging us to travel midnights? Wouldn't it be more dangerous?

All i asked for Christmas is to go back to Ipoh and be with my family more often! Is that too much to be granted?

What about those who used highways such as LDP or KESAS to work? No discounts for them? I use LDP everyday, I pay RM3.20 every day for work. It's not as if the roads are specially made or exceptionally well designed. The roads are so badly tarred with holes here and there. And it is usually crowded and jam with vehicles during peak hours.

I'm totally pissed of with Malaysia. Shameful to live in such a country.

*Note: This kid with angry face got "the gifted" talent i tell you. Damn cute..haha..

Thursday, November 13

My Poor Toe!

Suey Scene Records:

Day: Yesterday
Time: 11.30pm approx
Venue: Taman Connought Pasar Malam

Scenario I

Nowadays, pasar malam is very dirty! Plastic bags, plastic cups, porno DVD covers, food leftovers and dog shit is found almost everywhere!

What had happened to our pasar malam!

Scenario II

This is Human Anatomy.

God is almighty. He created us men and women, from the deadliest pathogens in the world, by giving us skin.

When Scenario I and II meet:

I was walking along the pasar malam happily, sucking my fresh bittergourd juice, which tasted bitter, but delicious!

*Suck SUck and SUck* << refering to the bittergourd juice.



*looks down*


Satay stick tercucuk my second toe of my left leg!


This is what you called as suey la!

Let me describe how does it feels when you found a satay stick tercucuk onto your toe.
FIRST, you feel GELI>>>Duno whose saliva stick on the satay stick, now penetrating my toe!

SECOND, you feel a tinge of PAIN. Then, the pain began to increase gradually. this is because, all the while, i have been so ignorant that i din know i possess toes!Once you see something poking out of it, IT HURTS!

ThIRD, the satay stick is so dirty, make a BLACK hole in my toe. and you feel damn DULAN!

This is what I called DULAN! *ROARRRRR*

More DULAN when somebody scolded me, "Stupid, Walk pasar malam also can terpijak satay stick. How u walk one!"

Not i pijak satay stick. Is satay stick CUCUK me.


(NOte: A picture to represent my anger. I failed to make this expression!)


People, take care of the environment! Please do not litter when you are walking in Pasar Malam. You may HARM others!

Nicole <3