Monday, October 13

Once In A Lifetime!!!

I know that I have not been updating my blog that frequent. Well, as I mentioned on my 1st post. I was quite reluctant to create this blog, because I'm afraid that I am unable to keep this commitment. Perhaps, knowing the reality that there's practically no one reading what I write is demotivating.

On the other hand, instead of enjoying writing things for people to read, i enjoyed reading things people wrote more. Therefore, please always forgive me when i did not update this blog. ^^

My family

Once in a lifetime...Well, to many, convocation meant a world to them..For me, my convocation came and go, with thoughts of UTAR squeezing my pocket dry. Well one thing i enjoyed was i had the opportunity to snap some family photos in the studio!

We should appreciate the moments and times we spent with our family. As we grow older, we began to loosen our attachment to our family. And eventually proceed through our own journey of life. When the time comes, what's left will be just mere memories. These memories, will be kept, if you are lucky, for years till your deathbed. Or, if you are striken with diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinsons, these photographs are just resemblings of people that you do not know. Sad isn't it.

me, KoKo and Wern

Brothers and sisters are, despite the quarrelings and fights, are still brothers and sisters. I rarely snap a photo with my brother, and i guess this is the one and only photo where we can three of us stand together and "smile". It's not that me and my brother are enemies, but, it's kind of embarrassing to snap photo with your brother. =X ...I'm much closer to Wern though.

Time will definitely drift us apart. The nature of life is so cruel, to separate each and everyone of us from the our very own family. As we grow, we experienced the process of falling in love, finding the so called true love (which oftens contradict with those written in Fairy Tales book), and then..we are no longer the innocent beings as we used to be as a child. The circle of life begins its another path.

This is the first official photo i take with Zi Jian, this photo is our only hardcopy after 3 years of being together.

Life is cruel, but yet, we need to learn to cherish every moments in our life.

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The M said...

Those people are most important memory yo.
Keep nicely and appreciate them much oo.