Tuesday, October 14

My Story in Maple Story

This is my first, one and only online game that i dedicated my time, my youth, and my precious lonely moments of life to it.

I met more than a hundred of virtual friends...and eventually became real good friends...But as older i grow, i do not have enough time to spend in front of the computer...i was drifted apart from them.

But luckily, msn still can let us chat with each other. But, msn cannot convey our expression...

Sometimes, you get some "Mega" and eventually become famous...One mega cost about 2k cash..approximately equivalent to one chicken rice (RM4.80). Sometimes, will ask people dont mega us, but when people mega us we feel damn proud!

And then you take screenshots or we called it as SS..Then you feel damn good being in one of the top guild (last time) with pro friends and ksers and all guild members have zakum helms..COOL!!

Last but not least, tribute to my ex-guild Or3Z and its members. Love ya all..take care!!

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Anonymous said...

ahh.. rindunye zaman kegemilangan pro bishop yang teramat comel tu~