Tuesday, October 28

My Deepavali Weekend...

I have not had the time to update my blogs. Not because I'm too lazy, but i do have limited connectivity during the weekend.

The first time in like 2 months, i finally had the opportunity to go home. Only realising how fast things changed back home.

Among the changes are:
1. Mom and Dad getting older, more forgetful and careless..also more "chiong hei".
2. My beloved bedroom, became a secondary store room. (Filled with the things i brought back from KL after university.
3. My cupboard is filled with pillows, and faded clothes. It even make me sneezes just opening it.
4. My beloved bed, lost its agility, almost like spring sudah rosak feeling. Making my back bone aching after 2 days sleeping on it.
5. My bookshelves, filled with dust and stains also with spider webs.
6. My toilet look very clean, because there's nobody to make it dirty
7. I even forgotten which is my toothbrush colour.
8. The walls of the living room is so fully decorated with my graduation photo as though i am the first class degree holder. (paiseh nia)
9. The refrigerator is filled with food and no more junk food for me to "tiap" at night.
10. No Milo, Kopi or Horlicks. Just Tea for my mom and dad.
11. Mami is a big fan of TESCO, always have Revive/100plus/Excel drink at home.
12. There are not enough parking space to park...
13. Mami changes to planting orchids after years of cultivating petunias.
14. Papa shifted the computer table to a tiny space where people will suffocate when you play too long! (so that he have more chance to play)
15. Papa has been troubled because he no longer has his company Prado(Boss sold it). Therefore, depended on us for transport (Wuahahaha...poor papa)

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