Saturday, October 18

ING-USANA Seminar at BonTon Restaurant

BonTon Restaurant

On the 11th and 12th of October, ING Funds Berhad collaborated with USANA Health Sciences organized a "Health is Wealth" seminar. I was directly involved in this seminar because my ING Funds Manager, Michelle Soon was the organizing chairperson. The main aim of this fund is to help in launching of the new Annual Income Climate Structured Fund, which is a capital protected fund, giving a minimum guaranteed of 5% annual return.

Despite world market condition keep tumbling as day passes, this fund managed to educate me on the needs of proper financial planning. None the less, I realised that my friends around me are so supportive and came to attend the seminar! I was really thankful because it feel great to know that you are not alone in this world.

During the first day of the talk, Barney Soon made a chaos and was bribed with an ice-cream!

Barney Soon having his chocolate ice-cream at BonTon

The tower of bottles in BonTon Restaurant

Me accompanying Barney Soon

Hi FIVE!! Cat also came for the talk!!Thanks!

Cindy brought her friend, Angeline for the event. Felt so honoured to have such friends around me. Thanks Cindy!!!

Big-Show Patrick, Barney, Tian Chad, WeiSeong, Me and Pei Ying. (Jian is blocked!!!)

The delicious cake

The three top cakes in Bonton are:-

I havent had the opportunity to taste the first cake! Looks delicious though! Biological Blood test shows the following result:-
Height: 157cm
Weight: 45.8kg
Real age: 22
BMI: 18.256
BMR: 1067 (normal range is 1200-1600)
Biological age: 19 (HAHAHAHA)

I'm scared of the needle and also nervous of my blood condition...T_T

My Blood Analysis time

Jeng Jeng Jeng.... Kena liao.. Kenot eat too much KFC, McDonalds and other fast food..AIhs..EMo MAx..

Sadness in the eyes..WAh pimples so red!!terrible horrible and miserable

Thanks to those who came:
Patrick Big-Show
Meow the Cat
Thai Li the handsome
Yau Yau the pretty
Marccus the Weiseong
Tian Chad the Tian Chad
Pei Ying oh Pei Ying
Cindy Wong
Angeline Tan
Ai Na
Lee Ling
Kuey Yin
Flying Wern the Baboon
Ken the kind
Edwin the Extraordinary
Ken's Kind Family
Edwin's Extraordinary family
Barney Soon
BArney Soon's grandma
Jian's papa
Jian's mama
Jian's mama's friends (all the aunties)
Unknown people who tumpang my car!!



大頭 said...

jie u look so innoncent in the last pic XD

cklim said...

walao..biogical age only 19, means young and energetic la, some more bmi only 18.25, can eat more..nvm later drink more water, fruits, and apply some "paste" to ur face..then no prob d..hhaa

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

ahaha..i very young..inside out..kekeke..ya..going to start new diet regime soon..

Hurley said...

eh nicole, u look like mama. Cat has a blog too ya know...somewhere. Btw, Angeline looks hawt! =P