Monday, October 20

Birthday and Gathering!!!


18th October le!!! Jian's birthday!!! Usually his kawan-kawan mamak won't celebrate his birthday one(from previous years), but if got, i dunno la. Because most of the years, i celebrate with him one ma!!haha..but this year, i no idea (coz i forget la, ask Cindy and Weiseong! i tot it is thursday then forgotten to buy present). Luckily got this bunch of gang that helped me celebrate his b'day!!..Thankz ya all!!

BanBan design specially for Jian

We went to a chinese hongkong restaurant for supper, where Zi Seng is working. There the food tasted normal, but it is quite expensive!

With us were the loyal group of steady mamak gang, "The Emo Serayans". The Serayans are labelled emo because they are usually shadowed by "Kejiwangan". The only method to evade this state of emo is to bangun pagi pagi and bertafakur mengikut ajaran Sami Seng.

Kianshen dengan girlfriend kesayangan

Jian's birthday bread with peanut butter and cream-Thanks Zi Seng!!

On our way back from Restaurant Pat Kin Pat San, Wern put on her safety belt! (See the effects of positive blogging!) Wern mencontohi teladan WeiSeong yang memakai tali pinggang! Kudos to both Wern and Weiseong!!!

On the next day, Yick Hui organized a gathering to celebrate MeiYee's and Jian's birthday. We gathered at Izzi Pizza at Bukit Bintang.

I wasn't fond of the food there. I do not know whether I wasn't feeling well or because of the food itself. There are 21 people there, but basically i knew about 10 or so only. The rest all tak kenal one, but duduk makan semeja, tak kisahlah, asalkan dapat makan!! kekeke..

Some of my friends

Izzi Served a variety of pizzas but I think i like the pizza served in Modesto's better. ^^...I'm not a great eater but i cant wait to go Modesto's again.

Ta Daaa!!!Birthday Desserts

Birthday Girl and Boy (Ahem! Birthday Woman and Man)

After eating, we can see Kianshen telling Wern stories on condom. The rest of the gang ignored the presence of the camera lense, but Hon Mun posed for the camera. (managed to capture only 1 pose though)

More poses....

ANd More poses...

Gosh..i solemnly swear i need to improve my camera skills!!

Actually you cant blame anyone for being so excitedly Sexy!!! The LCD Screen which is positioned right in front of us keep showing big booby girls with thick makeup and "that" thing keep bouncy bouncy when we are having our meals.

You know what i mean......

Then, We have group photo outside of Izzi

*Note: Pose Keat paling cute!!

After that, we went separate ways. One more thing that i hate about Izzi is the Jockey has the smelliest ketiak in the world!!! What the heck, let him reverse my car for 3 mins also, whole car bau PERRrrrrrrrHHHHHHHhhhh! My heart ache la...Car dirty can wash, but if car bau ketiak then the car hopeless case ady!

We went Pavillion to catch a movie...

Woof..I'm so cute!!!!

But there's not enough seats for us, so we left for home and ended our day!!!!

Hope there's more gathering to come!!


kian_shen said...

comel saya

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

wahhh...first comment also puji sendiri punya...

Anonymous said...

Anjing tu lebih comel =)
Pose keat mmg lawak haha~

大頭 said...

i also have bau ketiak XD
and also long long bulu-bulu XD

The M said...

haha, si adik pakai sit belt belakang juga.
Good Job! keke.