Monday, September 22

Wonderful Weekends

Last weekend was one of the most memorable weekends i've ever had.

I spent all the energy i had on Eating Eating and Eating... Felt like the luckiest girl on earth. Imagine, how many of us can enjoy weekends eating..

On Saturday, i went to TGIF (Fridays) with a bunch of friends to chill out. I decided to go on More Vegetable Diet,eat less meat to be healthy, and in quest to reduce the number of pimples currently residing on my face.

Ugly pimples inhabiting my face!

I did not have a camera with me, so couldn't be able to snap photos of the food i ate. Anyways, I'm not a great eater, so whatever i eat, isn't so big deal anyway.

On Saturday, i had a chance to go to Tamarind Springs, a hidden restaurant where i met a couple of cute monkeys eating Watermelon and papaya. Some of the monkeys are as big as a dog...EEEewwwwww...I dare not come down of the car. As i mention, i did not have the camera with me so i guess i need to post the pictures sometime later.

I enjoyed the scenery and uniqueness of Tamarind Springs. I had italian food, but i do not know how Italian is the food. It seems normal to me. And i had few glasses of red wine, and had bad headache after that. When i was there, there were slight breeze, and suddenly it turned to a thunderstorm. Awwww.. so romantic eating in the rain, surrounded by pools of man-made ponds. The service was great. And of course, the meal amounted to RM1500.00! (My one month Salary!!!!). Thank goodness, i'm not the one paying!

And today, my company principle came. Wei Seong is busy accompanying her. Well, i'm alone at the office. She's so humble and shared with us her experience and memories travelling around the world. It fascinates us, because she is from mainland china, working and living in America for the past 20 years. For today's lunch, we went to Bumbu Bali, and for the first time Wei Seong became an omnivore. Usually he is carnivourous and i think i should keep an eye on him before he dies due to lack-of-meat disease!. Usually he will whalloped a whole elephant for a meal, and today he decides to have soup as lunch! Unusual right! HAha..This is because his not-so-wisdom tooth came out and it hurts him.hahaha..Poor guy. Anyway, he's lucky I'm on my healthy food regime or else he will faint with jealousy just by observing the delicious,meaty food i usually had.

Anyway, may his wisdomly pain go away so that he can consume his normal bout of daily food. As for me, hope that my healthy food regime may be able to exterminate those colony of pimples which are residing on my face! Jia you jia you!


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