Wednesday, September 17

MoRNiNg MunDaNe FriDay

As usual my work starts at 9am, ends at 6pm. Then have to go through horrendous traffic jams to Ampang. Well well, at least it's friday and if lucky get to enjoy the weekends off. But today, I'm dreading the once-a-month meeting! Basically, i have not prepared anything for the meeting..

Aihz..Working is simple, sometimes challenging, and can be boring at times. If you're lucky enough, you may meet with good, kind hearted customers, and sometimes, darn unlucky, you'll meet those who will slam the phone on your face (I wonder who taught them manners!)

It rained today, I can imagine my car being soaked up in dirty water, with slimes and mud dripping on its rear. I don't have the energy to wash my car and polish it brand new. It keeps raining suddenly after my car is clean (hmmmmpphh!!!)

Ok, time to get my work done. Take care everyone! (I doubt there's anybody reading this..LOL)


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