Tuesday, September 23

Is Beauty Everything?

Yesterday I followed my aunty to her office. She operates a cosmetic direct selling brand, and she insisted i followed her. And due to my loyalty to her delicious soup that she usually boils for me, i did accompanied her to her office.

When i was there, i sensed something horrible. Women's inter-jealousy of each other. OMFG! My aunty loves to dress-up and she is able to sell consistantly everymonth. When we first reached there, the way those colleague spoke to her disgust me. So obvious they are jealous! -.-"

Frankly speaking, i feel like i was at a zoo! All the while, i thought those who sell cosmetics should look angelic and not "animal'istic".

i became the centre of attention, because of my pimples..

Yea Yea...

Anyways, i don't blame the product they sell. Believe me, it is a very good product, i tried it on. Althought the price is quite dear, but its worth the money. So i might be buying the Acne Set worth RM220 after all!

I'm gonna be very very Broke next month..



XeROz said...

really free in the office hor~
start blogging~
anyway,keep up the good work..

永遇乐 said...

What is the brand called?
Hope you get prettier than now la ;p
It means you are pretty oledi ho

Marccus said...

wakaka, dont worry, when i take out my spec u wil be pretty, keke.

Nicole said...

Kenot tell the brand la..the coz will users will misinterpret. the brand good, but the staff like organism only..

Nicole said...

Weiseong! then u everyday open specs la..i wan everyday pretty de!

大頭 said...

haha i like ur blog jie

damn cute and funny pic there

cklim said...

aiyo..nvm la..treat as an investment, nxt time lagi cantik lo..tat time remember upload ur pics to the blog