Thursday, July 17

CDM25 And The Stupidity Continues

CDM25 , white Peugeot 208 probably has become Malaysia's most famous car plate number. The video, which began to circulate on 15th July 2014, has become so viral beyond our imagination. A minor accident happened in UTC Kuantan, and Uncle Sim (the chinese man in red) accidentally scratched a white Peugeot 208. The lady driver of the car, was fuming with rage that she took her steering lock and yell in anger. In summary, what she did was:-

1) Yelling at the old man, scolding him stupid.
2) Took out the steering lock and slam on the old man's car.
3) Demanded RM2,000 from the old man as compensation.
4) Took the old man's car keys.
5) Told passerby that the old man is Chinese and he scratched her car in purpose. 

Well, all of her actions were equally bad, and the racist remark of "dia cina. Saya tahu dia sengaja" (translation: He's Chinese, I know he did it on purpose) was the worst of all. 

Initially, I didn't want to blog about this, because what I had thought and felt in the beginning was clearly stated in Timothy Tiah's blog post about this incident. Why had no one stopped or calm this raging lady during the incident? Why this lady would say out such a racist remark? And how dangerous this world has become that her private details, such as her phone number, her address, her workplace has all been released to the public, in retaliation for her lack of manners. 

Today, I was aghast to find out that Kiki Kamaruddin (the raging lady, owner of white Peugeot 208 CDM25) was being interviewed by Hitz fm, MY fm and Fly fm. Which all encourages the nation to forgive her and she deserves a 2nd chance. 

It's not that I'm being unreasonable, but does these radio station feel its necessary to jump on the publicity of this ugly event? It's a road rage filled with racism that disgusted the people, is it really necessary? Respect and forgiveness is earned, not asked. How dare this Kiki asked us to forgive her, just because Uncle Sim has forgiven her? Whether she has truly repented is another story, because I don't feel any sincerity in her. 

Smiling and all, she seems to be enjoying the limelight! Well, smiling isn't a crime, i know. But the core is, i don't think she should be interviewed. I don't think she deserves to be famous in this way. 

A normal people would not yell at the elderly, bandishing steering locks and damaging other's property. Normal people apologise immediately when they realise they have done something wrong. Normal people have a thing called conscience. Normal people will stay low and allow things to cool down, until people forgets about it.

I'm not the only one being disgusted by the publicity given to this lady. 

So now that she has appear on the radio, I guess there's television interview as well, or maybe her own talkshow or reality show "Keeping Up With Kiki"

The hero of this whole incident is Uncle Sim, and yet he wasn't being highlighted.  He should be respected and admired  for being so calm, and patient with this raging lady. Furthermore, he even forgave her and refused to take legal actions against her. These traits have long extinct in humankind. 

I shall reiterate again, I guess we no longer need to make home-porn video to be famous, just be a racist-road rage and  immediately be famous! (Sarcasm intended)


Thursday, July 10

Cilaka Cicak!

One fine night (Last night), I felt bored and wanted to get drunk. 
So, I head to the kitchen, and opened my kitchen cabinet...

I grab a bottle of Black Label from the hidden liquour storage area place we use to keep our liquor. With a blank mind, I closed the cabinet door again.

I felt a warm sensation, something ribbon-like on the back of my hands. I place the Black Label on the kitchen counter, and flung my hands, without looking...

I was in drunk-like mode even before I started drinking! The warm sensation still lingers on the back of my hand. "Whats that?" I asked myself.

While my brains are telling me it must be some liquor sticker, sticking on the back of my hands, my optic disc in my eyeballs detected that bloody organism and converted the electro-chemical impulses.

The Cicak clung on the back of my hand, still.. and my whole body jolted as though I was cursed by "Avada Kedavra". I gave a sharp shrieked and "break-danced" to the living room. The last thing I knew, I flung my hand as I jolted, and the cicak was thrown up and dropped on the ground...

I ran away too fast, unable to see where did it go!


Now everytime I open the kitchen cabinet, I could feel the phobia, and fear crippling my mind, body and soul. I knew it was there, lurking, watching my every move!


It's not once, it's not twice.... IT'S ALWAYS THERE!

Recommend me a psychiatrist, I think I'm suffering from PTSD now.

Tuesday, June 24

Perhentian Island Getaway!

Heyo everybody! Didcha miss me? Lol! I was feeling super duper elated while processing the photos and many wonderful memories came gushing through my mind. On 13th of June, I organized a 4 Day 3 Night family cum diving trip to Pulau Perhentian (Perhentian Island) off the seas of Terengganu. 
Cows roam freely in the large fields

My trip was planned in 2013, in conjunction with the Air Asia promo tickets, and booked a return ticket to Kota Bahru, Kelantan. From Kota Bahru Airport, a van was arranged to pick us up to Kuala Besut Jetty. The 1 hour van ride costs about RM120/way (booked via Mama Holidays).  A confusion arose but was settled immediately, Abang Ben our driver assured us he will drive us safely to the jetty. His friendly demeanor ensures us that he was honest and it is safe to travel with him. 

My Papa and I

From Kuala Besut Jetty, we took a 30 minute speed boat ride (via Mama Holidays) to Perhentian Island. The boat ride fee is RM35/way/pax. It's quite expensive in my opinion, but travelling in speedboat gives me some adrenaline rush, minus the seasickness factor. I also love the warm salty air of the sea and the saltiness on my lips throughout the speedboat ride. Well, this officially means, HOLIDAY HAS BEGUN!

My In-Laws, Mommy and Daddy
In my previous blog post (MIDE-click here), I blogged about booking my trip through Turtle Bay Divers. I was being recommended Mama's Chalet. Before my trip, I contacted En Aziz and he was the one who helped me arranged for the van and speedboat to this beautiful island.

Standard Non-Air Con Room in Mama's Chalet
Mama chalet is a lovely place, filled with lovely people. The chalets are very basic, and acceptably clean. The standard fan room costs about RM70/night (without breakfast). It's really a bargain! We took 3 rooms and only 1 of the rooms have smell (which I believe due to the previous occupant). After airing and putting some lime leaves under the pillow and on the bed, the room doesn't smell as bad anymore. Everything is good. Expect to be in a back-to-basics kind of getaway here, and be prepared for red ants, mosquitoes, lizards and squirrels. Aww, come on, this is what makes vacation memorable right?

The beach in front of Mama's Chalet

Mama's Chalet is located in the big island. There's two parts of Perhentian; big island called Perhentian Besar, and small island called Perhentian Kecil. The big island is more quiet and peaceful, whereas the small island has whiter sands, beautiful beach but is filled with night-activities. There's pros and cons of both islands, but altogether, just experience both to experience the differences.

Little girl playing with the sands in Mama's Chalet.
It was a hot season when I went there last two weeks. The beautiful sun, shines through the clear water....ahh what a wonderful sight!

Clear Waters
We arrived at the island at 11am, and got ready to begin our first dive for the day. It was my 1st dive as leisure diver after getting my license in March. I took my diving license in Mabul Island. Oh how much I have miss you, Mabul! (Check out my Mabul Island diving experience here). 

Turtle Bay Divers is located at the end of Mama's Chalet. We were introduced to Joo, a korean divemaster. She understood that we were beginners, and gave us adequate introduction and explanation about the divesites that we were about to explore. Diving with her was a fantastic experience. She's really a strong woman, helpful and very capable. Gosh, I admire her strength so much!

Dive sites around Perhentian Big & Small Island.
We took a package consisting of 8 dive sites.
  1. D'lagoon (small island) - sandy area. A place for us to warm up and refresh our memories about diving. Here we saw stingrays and puffer fish.
  2. Police Wreck - sandy area with 3 small wrecks which were previously used by the Police force, hence named as police wreck. Visibility was pretty much poor during our dive here. The wreck just "appeared suddenly", so you can imagine how bad it is. hehe..Jenkin's Whipray is sighted, and also the blue-spotted stingray can be found.
  3. Pinnacle - beautiful coral reef area. Surrounded by fishes! A must visit site! It's my first time seeing squid here too!
  4. Tg Basi - I love this place also! It's my first time seeing Unicorn fish and Trigger fish. I kinda love "to feel being watched" by the Trigger fish. haha.. OK, watching is just fine, please don't attack me! hehehe..
  5. Shark point - I don't remember anything spectacular about shark point. There's no shark here, it was named because the rocks that marked this dive site looks like a shark's fin. 
  6. Sugar Wreck - This wreck is amazing! It's my first time seeing a huge, real wreck. The rest I've seen are artificial wrecks (purposely being sunk as a fish/coral breeding place). The current was so strong, but the visibility was so good! Divers were seen panicking and flying all around. Lots of Lion Fish, and Indian Ocean Walkman here. Big Puffer Fish and Box Fish is seen too! Oh ya, my husband is lucky enough to see a Blue-banded Sea Krait entering the wreck during our 3minute safety stop!
  7. Terumbu Tiga (T3) - named after the 3 rocks of that area. Visibility was bad when we descend, but eventually got better. There's lots of nudibranches here. We love nudibranches! It's cute, colourful and looks tame at the same time! We love looking at them! T3 is a little challenging because there are crevices where we can pass through. We have to rely deeply on our buoyancy control, otherwise, we may hit the rocks or brush the seabed. It's really fun, and I was scared! 
  8. Batu Layar - The finale of our dives. This is also a beautiful and pleasant to dive place. Stone Fish can be found, and swarms of fishes will circle you. So beautiful! I was giggling underwater in Batu Layar because an extremely friendly Remora Fish keep coming at Joo to clean her! TWICE! Then I went a little further away and I saw the fish came again, i swam away and the Remora went to my husband. I signalled him but I don't know how to describe Remora, then he was jerking like fish out of air because the Remora is sucking his skin HAHAHAHAHA.. What a funny sight! 
Can't wait to dive!
I can't wait to get my Advance License so that I can visit other dive sites =) Some sites are deeper than 18m, and we need extra qualification to go down that deep.

The more happening Long Beach of Perhentian Kecil
I thought that I will be really bad in the sea, so I didn't bring any underwater camera or borrowed a GoPRO. Now I really regretted it, because no words can document our experience under there.

Tanned, and ugly LOL

Diving will be the only one time that I feel happy when people ask me "Where have you been? You are so dark now!". For other times, I just get offended when people say me dark! HAHAHAH...

Jian, Ben, Joo (our divemaster), Me and Alex
I have nothing but praises for Joo. She was so patient with us, and attentive. I feel safe with her. Also, she collects plastic rubbish from the sea bed. She inspires me!

Sunset view

Staying at Mama's Chalet, food was convenient. The Mama's restaurant serves approximately 30-40 different kinds of food. Price was OK as well (RM8-15/plate), considering this island as a tourist spot. 

Well, as we went diving, my parents went snorkeling. I shall do another blog post on their snorkelling trip soon. But for now, it's time to say goodbye and goodnight!

It's so hazy, and smelly, and hot wtf! Can someone conjure me to Perhentian Island please? I don't mind the heat, but I hate the dirty air!!!

Till we meet again!