Monday, August 31

Happy 58th Independence Day, Malaysia!

My dear country Malaysia,
You are at your 58th year of independence, and I'm no longer the little girl who religiously sings your song as i did 22 years ago. When i was in school, i detested standing under the hot morning sun in the open aired assembly point, just to sing "Negaraku".  We had to stand still, stand as straight as the pillar that raises up your flag, otherwise, punishments await. 

In my high-school, i attended a formal state function, where before the event started, the song Negaraku was played. The emcee announced for guests to stand up, in respect of the song. Most of the guests just sat on the seats. I stood up, and sang softly. I was confused. Why are the adults not respecting your song ? Why am I singing softly as though i was embarrassed? 

I thought deeply about it, and today i am firm that i found the answers- I did not know u well, Malaysia. And those who did not respect your song, did not know you well either. I realised that i finally understood the meaning of Negaraku. We should take pride of our country, for what stability you have given us. We took you for granted, we thought that the peace, and harmony that lies within your land is an everlasting one. We thought that, without any effort, the abundance you gave us, will last forever.

In these recent years, you showed us that, to be a part of nation, each and everyone of us played a vital role. We  are the ones who made Malaysia as what Malaysia is. Malaysia, and its beauty, does not consist of any single great individuals, but, is of a collective group of rakyat, each contributing their strength and forming a great nation. 

The 2015 Bersih 4 movement, indeed has mirrored to us the power of the rakyat. It may not be able to overthrow the existing corrupt government, but it definitely shows what unity is all about. Unity is the strongest fundamentals of a great nation, and i am sure we areheading  towards greatness.

31st August 2015! Selamat Hari Merdeka my fellow countrymen... For a great nation filled with love, respect and muhibbah...


Tuesday, March 31

Caught Up in A Rat Race

Good morning everyone,
This week, I started with a couple of mishaps and then i began to reflect on how my life has turned about. No doubt, the year 2009-2011 was the best periof of my blogging life. During that time, i woke up feeling inspired and positive, looking forward to experience all the beautiful day.

Moving forward from there, I have been establishing my own material wealth, chasing my dreams, weaving my ambitions. I got married, and have a happy life. Seems nice and all right, doesn't it? It's like a beautiful fondancy cake, the nice decorations doesnt necessary guarantees the cake is delicious. I have wore a mask that everyone wore- the "everything is ok" mask.

Reflecting from this, I am glad I have a platform to express my views and opinions, a platform to share my laughters and ranting. At least, i'm sure that i wont plunge into a state of depression or crash-a-plane. I am now writing this this post from LDP toll, the jam and the super long queue is unbelievable, yet amusing. Believe me, it's superbly terrible here that i have confident to complete writing before able to pass the toll! 

Yesterday, i got caught in Sunway Pyramid basement for 30mins, moved about 20m, and decides to park again and have dinner there. I hated when my life goes this way. My only console to myself was to jam my way to work, but i am unwilling to accept the fact that i have to jam all the way home too.

During times like this, i start to wonder, how long can i cope living like this? Married, but childless, me and my husband has the privilege to re-design our life. We can choose to move to a far away town, and i can learn to plant. I sil ntly laughed at this thought. Me, the almighthy msxeroz, actually had mentally succumbed to the rat race and thinking about being a farmer!

Can we let go, and let our sun rise from the right direction again? Can we find our new passion in life? 

So many questions, and so little answers.....

Most importantly, do we even have the courage to let go everything we tried to build so far? 

Tomorrow marks 1st April, it will be the launching of GST (Government Service Tax) 6% for all consumers. Those living in big towns and cities in Malaysia, will definitely feel a pinch. The shopping malls  were filled with people restocking, it looks almost like apocalypse! News has been circulating that our petrol price will be increased as well. Gah! Seems like everything increases but not our income! 

How do you cope? 


Thursday, March 12

Horrendous Life in The Traffic Jam

Everyday is a happy day, except mornings...

The jam is so bad, 
The cars all go every nook that they can slip in..
5 lanes become 12
Until the extend i can sit here and update my blog...

Omg dont text and drive u biatch!
Hehhe okok baiiiii